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Daily Gratitudes 2017

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Lessstressedhemum Sun 01-Jan-17 17:38:13

A nice, gentle thread for us all to count our blessing, to pause, breathe and be thankful for all the wee, small things that go right in our days.

Everyone is welcome, no matter our personal beliefs or faiths.

Today, I am grateful for a new year and a fresh start and for time spent with my family.x

Optimist1 Mon 02-Jan-17 08:25:37

Family, health and the time to enjoy them both.

SecondsLeft Mon 02-Jan-17 08:27:51

That our journey was safe and all ok at home on our return smile

Lessthanaballpark Mon 02-Jan-17 08:30:24

My son who has just come in for a morning cuddle.

Openmindedmonkey Mon 02-Jan-17 08:32:30

That my children & husband are safe, in this complex & difficult world.

oliversax Mon 02-Jan-17 10:57:35

A nice run this morning, the first of my marathon training runs.

Health, happiness and family.

Lessstressedhemum Mon 02-Jan-17 14:07:22

Line dried washing that smells of ice and winter sun
No fever today, so must be getting better
Safe, healthy children

Lessstressedhemum Tue 03-Jan-17 16:07:09

Shelter and safety
Life in a stable country governed by the rule of law
Wee birds at the feeders

happyfeet1 Tue 03-Jan-17 18:33:57

Today I'm grateful that I have a day off work and got to spend some alone time with dd2, that I got a chance to do some decluttering and that I am able to pay for a little birthday party for dd2 on Sunday smile

oliversax Tue 03-Jan-17 18:45:00

Today I was grateful for maternity leave. A lovely day spent with dd2.
A safe place to live, warmth & comfort on a very cold day.

Lessstressedhemum Wed 04-Jan-17 14:31:54


oliversax Wed 04-Jan-17 16:48:39

Listening to radio 4 in bed
A warm home

Lessstressedhemum Thu 05-Jan-17 18:16:28

The ability to rustle up a nutritious meal from some random stuff

oliversax Sat 07-Jan-17 10:03:55

The weekend, even a rainy one
My lovely DH and DDs
Feel lucky to have been born in the time & place that I was. Some of the other options look pretty scary.

Thinkingofausername1 Sat 07-Jan-17 16:35:03

A warm house
Running, clean water
A relaxing weekend

Lessstressedhemum Sun 08-Jan-17 18:20:17


Lessstressedhemum Mon 09-Jan-17 00:53:53


Optimist1 Mon 09-Jan-17 07:27:54


oliversax Tue 10-Jan-17 19:16:19

A happy home
Somewhere safe & comfortable to sleep
Enough to eat

Lessstressedhemum Fri 13-Jan-17 17:04:09

Adequate food and clean water

Optimist1 Fri 13-Jan-17 18:34:15

Exactly what Lessstressed says - the simple necessities are the foundation for our wellbeing.

oliversax Fri 13-Jan-17 18:43:02

Agreed and realising how lucky you are to have those simple necessities, taking time to appreciate it is the foundation for happiness. I know there can be a lot more to happiness or lack of happiness but it is a good start. It certainly helps me to feel good.

oliversax Sun 15-Jan-17 16:30:40

Lovely family & friends
Time to myself to run or to read
Good health

Optimist1 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:52:43

Still close relationship with my stepmother even though my father's been dead for several years.
The independence that having a car gives me.

Lessstressedhemum Mon 16-Jan-17 10:50:43

Sleep in a warm bed
Wee birds at the feeders
Safe, well children

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