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After a night of...

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Wuxiapian Sun 18-Feb-07 11:59:03

... bizarre dreams I'm wondering, do dreams actually signify anything?

Hoping someone an enlighten me.
Thanks in advance for any responses.

roseylea Mon 19-Feb-07 21:17:22

Yes, I believe that sometimes dreams can be very significant.

Sometimes I think it's the brain's way of processing, filtering and interpreting the events of the day (which means that often it's a load of disorderd chaotic images that make little sense in that they don't ruyn like a narrative but flit from iamge to image).

Also dreams can deal with issues on your mind that you may not have had time to really think about during the day (iyswim - my classic case was when I was being a coward and putting off going to the dentist and I kept having dreams about my teeth falling out until I actually phoned and made an appointment - when the dreams stopped! )

I am a christian and I believe that sometimes dreams come from God too, when the Holy Spirit can show you things about your life that you really need to know. I believe that I've had some dreams that have been from God (not many admittedly) and these tend to be the ones that I just can't stop thinking about for days, weeks, months and years afterwards and instinctively know that they mean something powerful and very helpful if I can take the time to understand what they mean.

I always try and remember as much as I can of my dreams just as I am waking up (you dream in the REM stage of the sleep cycle which occurs just before waking, so it's typical to be in the middle of a vivid dream just as you are waking) and I always tell my dh what my dreams were about!

Does that help at all?

Wuxiapian Tue 20-Feb-07 16:22:23

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

My dreams can be so vivid and seem so real

What do you think it could mean to have bad dreams, dreams where you've hurt somebody violently?
I get these dreams from time to time and they do distress me as it's always the people closest to me that I'm hurting.

Thanks in anticipation.

roseylea Tue 20-Feb-07 19:44:52

Hi again!

Well....I don't know really. I remember holding our dd, our first baby in my arms and being scared (in amongst all the other emotions) by how fragile her tiny body was and how easy it would be to hurt her or drop her.

I also sometimes think about my dh and his job (which is slightly risky) and imagine how I'd cope if he died or was hurt at work. In my mind I guess I'm facing up to the reality that that could happen, and preparing myself as to how I'd cope if it did (not that I think about this often!)

So it might be that your dreams are about your fear of hurting someone close to you, or your fear of them being hurt. It's not something that many people would ever think about during waking hours so maybe this is the only times you can actually think it through, when you're asleep.

Not sure if that helps at all...

CountTo10 Tue 20-Feb-07 19:52:43

I think dreams are very important, they are a way of our subconcious and mind to sort out our emotional issues etc. I had a series of dreams about giving birth etc in the run up to finding out I was pregnant which was bizarre!! If you have a local library near you, have a look to see if they;ve got some dream books and see if they can offer you some assistance. Dreams can very rarely be taken literally and are often trying to convey a type of emotion. Are you worrying about your family at the moment or is their a situation in your life that could have an impact on your family in anyway?

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