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Mustbemoretoitthanthis Wed 09-Nov-16 05:53:39

Regular poster but have NC for this post as it is going to sound either really woo or you are going to tell me to give my head a wobble or you might decide to have a look at this yourself.

Bit of background. From the moment I was born my life has been one struggle after another. As well as spending years and years in constant pain at different times of my life and a few months here and there, I am under constant stress. I was diagnosed at the age of 12 with a stress related illness that usually only middle aged business men get.
My childhood was horrendous, I was in and out of care. I met dh quite young and despite doing all the right things everything has been a constant struggle. As an example I have my own business, every time, not just once or twice but every single time I get enough money together to plan on expanding the business dh either loses his job, things just seem to happen randomly and once thriving companies go under, or in the case of this time gets seriously ill so is unable to work. Don't want to say too much as I have posted previously about stuff.

All I can say is whilst everyone around me seems to just be able to get on with their lives I feel I am stressed out trying to fight random things that happen and try to put everything right.

As an example I once received a letter from the police saying I had been involved in an accident and I had driven away. It threatened all sorts of things but I realised it wasn't my car. I had to try and get evidence together to prove my innocence. It wasn't my car. The DVLA admitted that they had registered a car under my name and address and although couldn't amend the details they had to leave a note on file.

My life is taken up with this sort of thing.

Anyway I was messing around on the internet and came across a thing called Astrocartography which if you put in your date time and place of birth shows you if you know how to read it properly where the best places in the world you should live and what to expect if you live in a certain area.

I have a huge line running straight through my birth town and I have over the years have never moved far enough from this line to dissipate it's influence which is for me one of stress and working 10 times harder than anyone else to achieve less than everyone else.

We are about to move areas next year but I am gradually coming to the conclusion nothing is going to change and I was getting quite down about my life.

Don't tell me to be positive and positive stuff happens because I am the most positive person you could meet but there is only so many times someone can get their legs kicked from under them before they realise that something different is happening to them than other people.

Has anyone tried Astrocartography or is it too woo. I should add this is not about paying any money out it is all free on the internet but at the moment I am at my wits end and something has got to change big time otherwise something is going to give. I am sat here covered in stress related eczema and feeling like I am going to have a stroke any moment.

Elphame Wed 09-Nov-16 21:48:57

I had to google it as I'd never heard of it. Not convinced I'm afraid.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 00:32:27

I am at the stage in my life when things have to change. Things just keep coming out of the blue and having read a little about astrocartography and having a dirty great line running from North to South through my birth town and within a few miles of where ever we have moved to the forecast is not good. We have lived in the North and South
Where we were planning to move to also has the same stressful forecast I am left wondering if I leave it up to the planets to say where I should next move to I cant really do any worse. ATM given my age and with all the stressful letters I keep getting or things happening I feel if I carry on with the move my health is going to suffer.
If anyone can work out what I am doing wrong so I may stop the unforecasted stuff would be great but given the

Ouriana Thu 10-Nov-16 00:45:49

I have never heard of this before so just had a look at my "forecast".

I dont live near any lines but there is one running straight through a tiny rural village in Scotalnd where I spent one of the happiest months of my life.

The DVLA thing you mentioned happened to both an ex-partner and my ex husband. Some people are natural worriers, could it be possible you do worry more than most? Do you have any problems with anxiety or panic attacks?

HeCantBeSerious Thu 10-Nov-16 00:52:37

That's a bit spooky (I don't usually do woo) but my lines all converge over Iceland, which is probably my favourite place on Earth.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 00:53:35

Sorry posted too soon

Given the randomness of the events it cant be forecasted.

I know it sounds loopy but if you knew what random stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis it cant be any more loopy. I feel my life is slipping away and all I am dealing with is righting other peoples mistakes or computer errors

Elphame Thu 10-Nov-16 01:04:31

Sadly sometimes shit just happens. I wouldn't gamble my future on some forecast from a random website based on some very weird "science".

raspberrysuicide Thu 10-Nov-16 01:08:57

It sounds very interesting but I can't seem to find anything that is genuinely free! Can anyone post a link please
Tia x

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 01:11:25

How could I worry about something I didn't know had happened till the police letter arrived.

I definitely don't worry about stuff that hasn't happened I haven't time to.
I tend to spend my time reacting to whichever random thing has happened. This is when I get stressed.
Different lines mean different things and you have to look at where certain other lines cross as well.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 01:20:16

Elphame I just wish after 52 years shit would stop happening I am well and truly sick of it.
At the moment I cant see anything changing and so the future I am gambling with is one where the same shit is thrown at me over and over and there is nothing I can do about it.

Raspberry I go on it gives the fundamentals

Elphame Thu 10-Nov-16 01:39:05

or is it too woo

In answer to your question then - yes it is too woo.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 11:37:52

Maybe it is time to go woo because real life isn't working for me. I just want the shit to stop so I can plan my day and not spend days or weeks at a time trying to always prove my innocence which always seems to leave me out of pocket monetarily and wastes my time.

I pay my bills and taxes on time, I don't drink, smoke, take drugs, or even eat meat. I have only once had a parking ticket in 30+ years of driving. And the total amount of my clothes shoes etc would fit in to a small suit case. Things that other people take for granted I have to work 20x as hard for.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Thu 10-Nov-16 12:12:17

I have to laugh. Just as I finished posting my last post I received a phone call from a mortgage company I had dealt with on a flat I owned and then sold 2 years ago. Mortgage paid off. All bills paid with receipts etc.

Apparently I have according to their records still have a mortgage with them and as my lower interest rate part of the mortgage is coming to an end would I like to come in and discuss changing my mortgage. Apparently I still have a mortgage with them which hasn't been paid off or paid into since, guess what, the day we sold the place. Certainly is not on my credit file.

I am just leaving it till they come back to me but I know at some point I will be getting a letter about it. I will start looking out for the paperwork.

Surely this isn't a regular occurence. Certainly doesn't make me feel relaxed and happy.

specialsubject Fri 11-Nov-16 09:43:09

Admin cock ups happen a lot - most tech is built by the lowest bidder and people working too long hours. It is more miraculous that anything works at all.

Add to this people who are low paid, stressed or just not very smart and you get blunders like the above.

Nothing to do with the horse shit that is astrology.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Fri 11-Nov-16 10:53:01

But this amount of stuff doesn't happen to other people.

A few years ago I had to stop work for a year to deal with the crap. I was fighting more court cases of mistaken identity, being sued by the inland revenue for non payment of taxes despite having a letter from them thanking me for the payment. Every electrical item in the house was replaced at least twice during the course of the year. I had more parking, speeding and congestion charge tickets for cars i didn't own but the dvla said I did, a doctor confused my records for another patient who had the same name and same date of birth all be it she was 10 years older and to top it all off our family cat died and I ended up spending New Years Eve digging his grave and burying him.

When you have to give up work for a year to deal with computer glitch after computer glitch, mistaken identity etc then tell me it is just unfortunate.

I don't know anyone who has this happen to.

I was just interested if anyone had looked at Astrocartography and it had worked for them.

Ouriana Fri 11-Nov-16 11:52:40

I once had six kettles break in a year. British Gas consistenly pusued me for non payment of bills, despite me priving Id paod every penny. This resulted in police visits with the ballifs, numerous trips to court and when I gave up and switched supplier they put a ccj on my credit file for 6k. I dont have to repay it as I have proved so many times I dont owe it, but I have never managed to get it taken off. I did a one year masters, which entailed me being in uni for 8months. During that 8months XDH's shift pattern changed 6 times. It was an utter nightmare with childcare.

These things do happen to us all. The difference is how we react to them.

Astrocartograohy is a load of crap, but maybe you could ask if the GP if you have anxiety issues or maybe CBT to deal with these things when they arise?

Puddlet Fri 11-Nov-16 12:07:08

I think that when people are desperate they sometimes turn to unexpected or unusual places for help. I very much doubt that there's anything in the astro thing but am worried at how vulnerable you sound. Would you consider trying your local church instead? At least there's some kind of accountability there - following up esoteric links on the web can end up making you feel worse rather than better.

eurochick Fri 11-Nov-16 12:21:05

Honestly, these sorts of things happen to everyone, but I think it's understandable that when a lot happen at once it can seem overwhelming. Everyone with a pet will have to bury it at some point. Mistakes with bills and the like are common. The dvla has acknowledged its mistake. Turn to someone reputable to help, like a GP or counsellor, rather than woo peddlers.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Fri 11-Nov-16 12:39:03

Ouriana this is not just one year this is year in year out since the day I was born.
I have spoken about my childhood on here before which was truly horrific.
I think British Gas must have a habit of sticking ccjs onto anyone's file. Mine got put on as I was leaving. Apparently I didn't pay the last months direct debit of £60. They refunded me £240. But chased me for the £60 which they would immediately would have refunded me. The whole thing was crazy.

I will let you know when I study it further where I should live and how I am getting on.

Out of interest how should you react when you get a solicitors or police letter.
Or the tax credit department sending you a demand for over £8000 despite never having had tax credits.

Suppermummy02 Sat 12-Nov-16 13:01:25

Are you sure your not the victim of identity fraud? or maybe your address was once used by someone with bad credit. Astrocartography is the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand, it isn't going to fix your problems.

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Sat 12-Nov-16 20:27:03

Yes I have been a victim of identity fraud but that was years ago. And took months to sort out

What I don't understand is how me potentially needing to see a gp over my anxiety is somehow going to stop the letters.
What I was hoping is that by moving somewhere else in the world I could possibly stop some of the other stuff that is and has been my life so far which when I clicked on all the places I have lived what it said was exactly why I never seem to get on in life. Eg always having to bail someone out just as I start getting on. One of my first memories of this was when I was about 7 years old handing over my Christmas money and all of my bits of earnings from standing in the freezing cold on a market stall to my dm. Yet never getting repaid.

If by inputting my birth details into a computer and it coming back to move to somewhere on the globe and when I do the letters stop and i don't have to bail people out it can only be a plus. If things don't change then nothings changed.

Ouriana Sun 13-Nov-16 02:15:21

It isnt your location that needs to change, its your attitude (and I do not mean that in a nasty way).

You do not need to bail anyone out. As a child you had no choice and were taken advantage if but now you need to support yourself.

You cant stop the letters but you can deal how you react to them.
You shoukd not be taking time off work to sort out other peoples cock ups. Its a mistake. Write a letter explaining it is a mistake, semd recorded delivery, situation over. They give up or take you court and in court you can prove your innocence.

Have you considered CBT? It may help you look at the way you react to situations and explore if there are other things you can do which may be more positive

headinhands Sun 13-Nov-16 08:24:10

It's patently nonsense. You're having first world problems. Think about millions of people in the third world, where so many children are orphaned through AIDS and life is a struggle in a way we dare imagine.

Stars have no effect on our lives but it's human nature to look for patterns so that we can have control be it religion or horoscopes etc.

orenisthenewblack Sun 13-Nov-16 08:47:39

Hi op. I like to think I'm into all things woo, but I've not heard of this.
Sounds like you've had a hard time of it and even though things have been hard you have managed to run a business. Not everyone can do that you know! Well done!
I think you should stop and breathe. Focus on the good things, even small achievements.
Why not make an appointment with a life coach?
Or if you want woo - ask the universe, do some cosmic ordering.
Keep smilingflowers

Mustbemoretoitthanthis Sun 13-Nov-16 17:09:54

Yes I do need to bail out most notably dh as when he has been made redundant (5 times over the last 30 years each time because of something unforeseen happening to the company and receivers having to be brought in.) It has taken him at least 2 years to find work. A lot of the time he worked without pay for the last 2 months. So unless I want to make myself homeless, go without food, heating water and light my money which I had been saving to expand my business has never taken off.

I had to laugh Ouriana I thought the same as you. Send a letter recorded delivery and that would be an end to it. How very very wrong.
Despite never having shopped with a company. I received a late payment notice. I was told to put it in writing that I never bought anything from them which I duly did.
Sent it recorded delivery and thought no more of it till I received a more threatening letter.
them again only for them to deny ever having spoken to me and not having the letter which someone at the company had signed for. Repeated the scenario 4 times. Eventually drove across country. Made a huge scene in their reception. Got several people from the accounts department down in reception (all the ones I had dealt with).
I had them sign and print their names to say they had received a copy of my letter then gave them the letter and went home. A week later I was threatened with the courts once again. I rang them up and guess what? They said they hadn't received my letter.
Just sending a letter doesn't seem to work.

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