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Bat mitzvah??

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Sunnydawn Wed 19-Oct-16 21:16:47

We've been invited as a family to a friend's Bat Mitzvah, which is a new experience for all of us. It's at a liberal synagogue.

Stupid questions I have are:

How smart would DS's be expected to be? Particularly 12 year old DS - he basically has school trousers, or black skinny jeans. Has a jacket, and can wear his school shoes, but would he be expected to wear a tie?

I understand that cash is an acceptable present, but how much?

I've asked my friend a few questions, but feel silly to keep asking!

Thanks all.

Reasontobelieve Wed 26-Oct-16 20:22:36

I think that every synagogue community is different, even within the same movement. In ours, we would expect smart clothing to recognise the importance of the event, but not necessarily a tie for a teenage boy.

As for money, I would give the sum that you might normally give for the birthday present of the child of a close friend or relative. My dd's Bat Mitzvah was a very modest affair and she received some £10 vouchers as well as sums up to about £40 - but that was from close relatives.

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