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Hey.. people with some knowledge of all things spiritual...

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ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Thu 08-Feb-07 12:24:38

Where is St. George lately anyway?

Am interested in hearing people's thoughts about this. My 14 year old DS is a keen swimmer, trains 4 hours a week at his club and competes as well. He told me a few days ago that since last year, every so often he has the experience in training, of swimming along the lane and noticing a swimmer pass him in the next lane, unexpectedly (because he wasn't aware of anyone behind him/in the lane or indeed because not many people "pass him".. he is one of the older/faster swimmers in his club.)

Then when he looks ahead the swimmer has always vanished! (Or obviously wasn't 'there' in the normal sense at all). He had always noticed the the swimmer was a boy about his size with the same colour shorts as him but later realised, after another occurance when he got a better look at the swimmer "passing" him, that it IS in fact HIM!!

I said maybe it is something meant to spur you on, swim faster etc.. He said "well it doesn't work, because it actually scares the crap out of me and I slow down to get over the shock!" I said that I didn't know what it was, but that I would consult you guys and that I seriously doubt it is something he should be scared of.

It never happens during galas/competitions by the way. Obviously he is more focused on those occasions. I suppose his mind wanders a bit when swimming laps in training.

He is also starting to see auras we think. I wouldn't say he has always shown signs of being psychic or particularly spiritual (he used to prone to a lot of worry/anxiousness but it much more confident in himself these days and relaxed in general) but he has always been quite a deep thinker and a sensitive little soul. (Just giving you this background in case it's relevant.)

What do you think?

Muminfife Thu 08-Feb-07 17:40:14

Message withdrawn

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Thu 08-Feb-07 22:35:08

I have read a lot about Indigo children before. Can't really see this had much in common with being an indigo (not sure what I think about indigos anyway..)I have read a lot of spiritual stuff in recent years and have discussed some of this with DS but this is the first time he has ever experienced anything himself I think.

Why do you say paranormal MIF? I feel as if it's a sort of aspect of his spiritual self that he sees.. maybe the "higher him".. but obviously don't know this. I have advised him to tell it to 'stop' as it is obviously freaking him out.

Muminfife Fri 09-Feb-07 15:31:02

Message withdrawn

Clarinet60 Sun 11-Feb-07 12:08:30

I would say it's more spiritual than paranormal and may have something to do with his higher self.
I'll ask my friend who is more clued up and get back to you.

madamez Mon 12-Feb-07 01:08:13

Your DS is projecting/imagining it because he's thinking deeply and intensely about his swimming. If he does as another poster suggests and tells the "phantom" swimmer to leave him alone, he probably won't see it any more - and if he does, it's nothing to worry about. Visual and auditory hallucinations are very common, particularly for individuals who are either sleep deprived or vry set on doing something. Good luck.

Clarinet60 Wed 28-Feb-07 09:56:55

OK, at last, my clued-up friend's take is that some people's spirits aren't firmly 'clicked in' and can slip out momentarily, which is what he is seeing. When the hormones settle down this can cease, so he'll grow out of it. Some homoeopaths will chat to you about this if you're worried (which is something I didn't know). HTH

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