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happypotamus Wed 28-Sep-16 14:03:49

Has anybody been to this? What was it like?
I take my DD to Stay n Play at a CofE church and everyone was given a flyer for it last week. It is described on the flyer as "a practical parenting course for mums with toddlers" which I thought would be useful, and there will be coffee and cake which is always nice, and it might be sociable in a not too sociable way given that I am shy and introverted and have been going to Stay n Play for a long time but still don't really talk to anyone. I looked into what the course is, and it also seems to be a bit of an evangelical introduction to Christianity sort of thing. I am Christian but not CofE and attend a different church and don't want converting or anything. Is there likely to be much of that? Is it more aimed at people who have no faith and are interested in joining the church? How much of it is about parenting advice compared to how much is about God? Or does it depend on the group?
Hope someone can answer this and help me decide whether to go or whether to crawl back under my anti-social rock and stay in my comfort zone of going to Stay n Play each week and just playing with and talking to DC there!

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