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Christian Prayer Request Thread - Feb 2007 - The Bible Bashers Push Onwards....

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CaptainDippy Thu 01-Feb-07 22:51:42


New Month - New Thread ......

Firstly Huge Congratulations to WeirdBird & Podmog - on the safe arrival of our first two Prayer Thread babies this month! Hello to Hannah Elizabeth & George William! Praise God for the blessing of these wonderful, precious babies - May they be the hugest blessing to these lovely families!!


Right ...... In no particular order.......

Shonaspurtle - Prayers for her close friend's wee baby, Lewis. Lewis is currently on heart bypass and has now been palced on the transplant list. Things are v.critical for him - Strength to his family.

Twiga - Welcome back! Praise God for Twiga's pregnancy (due in June 2007).

Podmog - Praise for the safe arrival of George William and praying that he settles in well to Podmog Family life. Prayers for them as they contemplate community living.

Nanou1 - Should be getting Internet at home soon - yey! Nanou1 is unhappy at work - praying that something works out for her there and that her DH would get a great job too.

ggglimpopo - Lost her youngest child, Maude (2) at the beginning of the month. She died completely unexpectedly in her sleep. Continuing prayers for the family as they coms to terms with this tragic, tragic loss.

fannyannie - Praise God that her and her DH have decided to stay under the same roof and try to make a go of things. Prayers for them as they enter counselling.

longwaytogo - She and DH have decided on a trial separation. LWTG has been really, really & struggling, she and her family need lots of prayers and support right now.

Emily - A friend of Misdee and her DH Peter - Prayers for her following lung transplant surgery. She is doing well so far.

lulumama - Prayers for v.close friend whose nephew died on NY's Eve.

MaryBS - Whole family has been poorly - Mary continuing to suffering with respitory infection. DS has tonsilitis. Continuing prayers for Reader Friend who recently lost her dad, prayers for his wife as she copes (she is in a nursing home with Dementia.) Prayers that DH would become a Christian and for his constant mood swings.

RoseyLea - Prayers for church situation (settling into a church in their local area), possible new house, broken car and that Rosey's health would continue to be really good!!

Posey - Prayers for boy at her nursery whose mum died in Nov of Cancer. The family are doing ok, but need lots of strength and love as they comes to terms with their huge loss.

Worzella - Prayers for Minister who has been ill. Returning to work this week.

CaptainCaveman - Prayers for DSis who is an alcholic - she has admitted her problem and is getting help. Prayer for the safety of her DD. Thanks to God that CC is feeling positive after finishing a course of counselling!!

Buffysmum - Prayers for fantasticmrsfox/madamereyand as she travels back to this country with her children, escaping from an abusive relationship abroad.

MarsLady - On-going prayers for her friend Dave and his wife Sue. Dave is going to require further treatment to eradicate more of "his" blood and have it replaced with his sisters. Special prayers for Sue as she copes with all of this.

Toady - Her sister Jo recently died after having her life support machine turned off after a horrific accident. Prayers for Toady and the whole family as they come to terms with her death.

WeirdBird - Praise God for the safe delivery of Hannah Elizabeth - Prayers for WB as struggles with poss. retained placenta / D&C and for Hannah who is struggling with Colic.

SleepySooz - Praise God her twins are finally getting a good night's sleep! Prayers for her panic attacks.

Bobsmum - Prayers for her DS as his "behaviour issues" are investigated. Thank you Lord for her gran's life - prayers for the family as they deal with her death.

NotQuiteSoTiredMum - Prayers for her friend and her family as they deal with the death of their 15 yr old son who fell into the Thames.

PandaG - Prayers for her as she has an interview for a possible new job. Feeling v.under-confident and nervous about it.

PeachyClair - Prayers for her as she works out what to do with her "Faith" Praise God that her DS' autism was diagnosed quickly - Prayers for Peachy and her family as the adjust and come to terms with his diagnosis.

NearlyThree - Prayers for her and her family as they are having to move to another part of the country very quickly.

potoroo - Prayers for her and her family as they deal with the loss of her grandfather who lived in Australia. Potoroo will not be able to attend his funeral.

Jockey - Praise God her DS who has selective mutism went back to nursery ok after an illness!

mrsgee - Prayers for her and her DH as they decide whether to try for another baby or not.

Milliways - Has recently resigned from a job of 22 yrs to start working for a small Christian company who are "making a difference"! Prayers everything would go well there - and prayers for DH who is also contemplating a change of career!

CaptainDippy - Has been fairly low of late and has started having small panic attacks. Praise God she passed her driving test (thank you for prayers guys!! ) Prayers for her as she copes with two toddlers and a big bump. Prayers for lady in her Book Group who has malignant melanomas in both legs.

Get praying guys .....

morningpaper Thu 01-Feb-07 22:53:56

Please can you add ME just for today because I think I have contracted DH's man flu and my DD has a suspected fracture and I need to take her into hospital tomorrow morning so I need to have some STRENGTH. Thanks very much xxx

CaptainDippy Thu 01-Feb-07 23:10:53

Will do honey - Let us know how it goes with your Lo! [[[hugs]]]

shonaspurtle Thu 01-Feb-07 23:33:25

My friends took the brave and devestating decision to have Lewis's life support turned off today. He is at peace.

Praying now for them, and the rest of their family, to be able to support and find some comfort in each other in the dark days ahead.

I thank God for Lewis's short life (4 months) which brought so much pleasure to everyone who knew him. He was, and remains, a shining light.

I also thank God for my own son. I am so lucky to have him to hold. This is such an important reminder to me that each day we have is so precious and should be lived to the full.

Also praying for everyone else on this thread. I've really appreciated your thoughts over the last couple of weeks. Lewis's mum & dad knew that people all over the world were praying for them and they really did take strength from that.

PandaG Thu 01-Feb-07 23:52:38

so sorry to hear this Shona. My prayers are with Lewis' family.

Morningpaper - good to see you. Will pray for you and DD

MaryBS Fri 02-Feb-07 07:41:59

Shona - so sorry to hear about Lewis - praying for him and his family.

Morningpaper - praying for strength for you and your DD. Let us know how you get on.

Podmog - CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a good healthy HEAVY weight!

I'm going back to work today, so I could do with some strength please. From speaking to others who have had this bug is drags on for 3 weeks or more...

I have a parish quiet day tomorrow, at a local retreat centre, so am looking forward to that...

fannyannie Fri 02-Feb-07 07:43:03

Just wanted to give you an exciting and perhaps major update on DH. When he came home from work last night, in the brief 5-10 minutes we got to chat before I dashed out the door to work he saw that I'd tidied the kitchen up nicely, the washing was done (well not all of it - but 2 loads) and hung to dry, and that the dishwasher was loaded - as well as the living room being tidied - he's always been more house proud than me - and it's been on the more minor issues which has affected our relationship......

ANYHOW......just as I was about to leave I realised I hadn't set the timer on the dishwasher and jokingly apologised - and went to dash out......he called me back.....and GAVE ME A HUG!!!!! Told me it was really appreciated the work I'd put in to make the house look decent when he got in. It meant so much to me it's almost untrue - for a long time I've initiated most of the hugs (though we've not really hugged for months anyhow - apart from 'tense' "apology" hugs after disagreements) so for him to give me a hug was just awesome.

I went to work realising that what Selywn Hughes says in his book about the doing of loving things being the key to getting the loving feelings back is probably true. I can almost sense a little flicker starting to grow again. This week he's already offered (completely unprompted) to drive me to Kettering tomorrow to buy some trousers that will fit me, and on the nights this week tha tI haven't worked we've chatted properly again

lulumama Fri 02-Feb-07 08:02:56

toady's sister has passed away
i see you have added her to your prayers..thank you

MaryBS Fri 02-Feb-07 08:06:49

Lulu - I hadn't realised... praying for Toady and her family...

FA - that's good news on the DH front! I have a DH who is more houseproud than I am. just don't do it TOO often or he'll grow to expect it! ;)

Notquitesotiredmum Fri 02-Feb-07 09:55:20

Shona - so sorry to hear about Lewis - praying for him and his family - and for Toady and her family too.

Morningpaper - praying for strength for you and your DD. There's a lot of man flu around at the moment! It's horrid.

Podmog - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of George William. Great names.

FA - your post made me smile lots. Lovely, lovely, lovely

Sleepysooz - welcome back! at all that sleep you are getting. Well done you. By the way, there's a post on another thread \link{ meet-up} about a possible meet up in July, which you and others might not have seen.

Notquitesotiredmum Fri 02-Feb-07 09:56:11



CaptainDippy Fri 02-Feb-07 10:08:18

Oooops! Just looking at the notes I made to collaborate the Prayer Requests for Jan and realised I had left off a couple from fannyannie ....

fannyannie - Prayers for her BIL and his wife - only been married a few months and BIL is being v.violent towards wife. Prayers for protection. Also prayers for her Vicar who recently lost her dad.

Sorry about that FA!

CaptainDippy Fri 02-Feb-07 10:14:20

Anyway - Good morning all

Shona - So to hear about Lewis - what a brave and impossible decision his parents have made - I admire them so much and I am just thankful to God that he is at Peace now. I thank God for those precious four months of life. He is with his Heavenly Father now - I was so touched about your comments on your own DS and how precious he is and how blessed you are to have him. A lesson for us all, I think!

Mary - Hope it goes ok at work today - DON'T DO TOO MUCH & GO HOME IF YOU NEED TO!! How's the initiation of the Emmaus Studies going btw??

fannyannie - Fanstic progress honey! A chat and a Hug - Whooo! Hoo! Continuing to pray.....

lulumama - Thank you for the update on Toady's sister, I had only read last night that they were planning to turn off the life support. Praying for that special family as they deal with their grief and say goodbye to a precious person.

Gosh, these are hard times. We must all pray and support one another.

Thank you for linking to the Meet-Up thread NQSTM - hopefully we'll get some more recruits soon!

morningpaper Fri 02-Feb-07 13:16:54

Thanks all - dd has a broken collar bone but is still quite chirpy. I have some sort of man flu but I am not too bad. Thanks all. xxx

fannyannie Fri 02-Feb-07 14:09:56

would desperately like your prayers re this thread - I'm sat here in tears and shaking in shock

PandaG Fri 02-Feb-07 14:21:29

Congratulations Podmog! Fab news. How are you all?

FannieAnnie - Praying flower. No advice, apart from get yourself some legal advice asap, but rest assured I am praying. It looks crap right now, but I know that God does have it all in hand, even though I do not know how. Hugs.xx

roseylea Fri 02-Feb-07 14:52:56

aaaggh I just wrote a really long post and I've gone and deleted it!

I had lovely messages for all of you.

And now it's nearly time to go and get dd from school!

I will try and do it again later, I promise!

Silly technology!

sleepysooz Fri 02-Feb-07 15:30:46

Does anybody have any recent news on how Bishop Mike and his wife Anthea are doing, I have been keeping them in my daily prayers, only I lost the link we had in October! Thanks!

sleepysooz Fri 02-Feb-07 15:33:41

Also a prayer for nearlythree? hope you are ok!

saffymum Fri 02-Feb-07 16:09:16

Hello, I haven't posted here before, but can I join the prayer thread? My little family needs a lot of prayer right now, we are tired, overworked and under stress. Its for my DH (who works 90 hour weeks and won't quit his job or see how badly it is affecting us, we need a new job to be offered to him!) and my DS who is nearly 3 and so hyperactive its exhausting. I'am really concerned and he's just not getting the best of mummy and daddy right now. And for me please, I'm tired and depressed and just feel like the weight of the world is on me right now. Thanks.

MaryBS Fri 02-Feb-07 18:46:03

Saffy, welcome! Of course you can join in! Will pray for you and your family. I have a DH who overworks, so have a lot of sympathy for you!

Sooz - Bishop Mikes Blog

FA - praying for you and your work situation. FWIW they are stupid kicking off now, everyone who works in HR/payroll knows you never kick off at someone while they are pregnant, for fear of being accused of discrimination. Still, its not what you need right now . The sooner you get some advice the better! Glad to hear about your hug from DH though...

MP - how's the flu? Much sympathy for you!

CD - the Emmaus isn't going anywhere because I pulled out of it, due to lack of time. M. has been away on retreat so haven't had much chance to discuss it with him... I think he's OK about it though...

CaptainDippy Fri 02-Feb-07 23:07:06

Evening - Only quick cos I am knackered....

Hello saffymum! Welcome to the thread! Praying for you and your family - @ 90 hr week!! Praying you find rest and solace in all of the hustle and bustle. [[[hugs]]] Keep posting....

Thank you for the reminder about Bishop Mike and his wife Anthea Sooz - will catch up on their blog tomorrow....

FA - & for you honey - Praying.

Broken collar bone - ow - praying it heals fast.

Really off to bed now.....

sleepysooz Fri 02-Feb-07 23:29:32

Saffymum - welcome, and I am sorry you are having a tough time, I can sympathise with you fully, I have 3yo twins (ds & dd) and a hyper 11yo ds - and my dh used to work so long hours, but luckily he had a chance of a lifetime changing his job internally so grabbed it with both hands. But I remember when my ds1 was 2+ I had to entertain him constantly, and watch over him constantly, (as he is dyspraxic) although he has always slept a solid night! its still tough.

Solution - playschool, mums & toddlers and don't forget it won't be long before you are entitled to free 5 half days at playschool/nursery. Swimming, friends for lunch, bike ride, park, splash walks, bus ride, if all else fails, crayons, and cbeebies/video! we have even resorted to putting a tent up in the house and having picnics in it! ANYTHING!

After all that, your shattered and its hard to keep motivated to keep 3yo's entertained without them wrecking the house, and tell me about 'housework' pardon I hear you say, I know, what a disgusting word 'HOUSEWORK' if you get the chance, there is a little one behind you making a mess, so whats the point!

I have just got my twins to actually sleep at night so at least I get more than 4 hours sleep a night now, so I can cope a little bit better, but I know when you don't have much support around it is extremely tiring.

So my prayers and thoughts are with you so you find strength to manage the days!

Sorry that was a bit of an essay, I just sympathise totally!

sleepysooz Fri 02-Feb-07 23:34:21

MaryBS - thanks for the link to bishop mike and anthea!

Hia all in Dippyland, hope you are all free from illness atm and thank you for setting the 'Feb thread' up!

roseylea Sat 03-Feb-07 10:01:33

Hello, just a quick hi.

Hope you are all well!

HI Sleepysooz, lovely to see you again!

And hi Saffymum, welcome! I will pray for you.

Hope you are well Mary.

Shona I read about Lewis - so sorry to hear. May the Lord surround your friend with comfort and peace.

FA I read about your job too - I'm praying for a swift and just resolution to this! Also it's great that your dh reached out to you (physically!) I'm praying that he will reach out to you and you to him, more and more.

Hi to everyone else!

If you can, can you just say one for me - my dh is away for the weekend so can you pray that I'd have a good time with the dcs? Dh and I are very much a double act when it comes to parenting so it's a bit funny to not have him here (for the dcs as well).

Have a good weekend!

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