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Hagothehills Mon 01-Aug-16 18:33:52

Faeries, hobgoblins, brownies, elves, bogarts, bogles, nymphs, pixies, wee people, fair folk, the old spirits etc...

Has anyone met/think they've met, known, lived with, communed with or seen any of these folk?

Just curious really because I'm pretty sure I have (almost certain they told me i was going to have my son and have an inkling they were helping hand in his birth, if it wasn't the midwife I had, who was emergency cover, it could have gone VERY differently)

Tell me your tales of the wee free people!

Hagothehills Tue 02-Aug-16 10:57:13

Bump. Just me then?

Essexgirl94 Wed 03-Aug-16 11:54:09

I think I did buy I'm not sure what it was.
When I was younger I was sitting on my bed and across the landing this small furry thing walked across the landing and into the bathroom. It looked like a little child with ginger fur. At first I thought it was a partical joke but I am adimant I saw it.

Jackie0 Wed 03-Aug-16 11:56:05

I'd also love to hear anyone's experience of this

mathsmum314 Wed 03-Aug-16 19:24:37

Was Terry a Pratt? Or was it all in his imagination? confused

SimonAquarius Fri 05-Aug-16 22:29:26

hi - just read your question and thought i'd say it's not just you. I work with the faeries most days, I've got hundreds of their magic potions. I make flower remedies and there's a lot of faeries energy in the flowers. I have enormous respect for this kingdom of nature and would encourage you to keep your connection with them - it's a great gift to have.

SapphireSeptember Fri 12-Aug-16 18:49:34

I'm sure I saw a fairy when I was younger, I just saw it for a split second and then it was gone. Have never seen anything like it since but have a sneaking suspicion that there are so many things that we know nothing about in this world. To quote Shakespeare, "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." So I keep an open mind about this sort of thing.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 12-Aug-16 18:54:06

Not to sound rude but are you sure it's just not a vivid dream

SapphireSeptember Fri 12-Aug-16 19:18:58

I was very awake and thinking of something completely different at the time! And I do have very vivid dreams, I can even go into proper dreaming while I'm still awake, but this wasn't that.

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