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Ramadan Mubarak!

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peanutcookie Tue 07-Jun-16 20:47:25

Assalaam alaykum and hello all! Just wanted to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak. Hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed month (and that the weather doesn't get extremely hot). I've got some watermelon ready to break my fast with, no equivalent emoticons so here's some cake instead

LineyReborn Tue 07-Jun-16 20:49:59

What time will you break your fast tonight, OP? It's so warm, and so light.

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Tue 07-Jun-16 20:50:30

Ramadan Kareem!

QofF Tue 07-Jun-16 21:54:48

Popping over from the Christian prayer thread to say Ramadan Kareem to you smile

peanutcookie Tue 07-Jun-16 22:08:41

Liney it was 9:18 tonight. There's a video going about on Facebook stating how long people in other countries are fasting, think Canada and Scandinavian countries clocked in at over 20 hours! Weather wasn't too bad today
Waves to sissy and q

LineyReborn Tue 07-Jun-16 23:00:33

My neighbours are fasting, peanut, and I've just heard visitors saying their goodbyes.

moonstruckl8 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:38:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moonstruckl8 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:51:19

For sisters who can't fast and can't make up the fasts later here's the option to pay fidyah. Ive gone that route myself sometimes for leaving make-up fasts too late to do before the next ramadan!

HighDataUsage Wed 08-Jun-16 16:41:45

Salams all how is the fasting going? I managed 2 days and then my chronic health issue flared up after Iftar last night. I've been in bed all day sick, I've not managed to cook anything for iftar tonight. I hope all goes well for every one.

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