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baldrick Fri 28-May-04 17:52:54

feeling the need to totally chill tonight, work, work, children...have so much to do but want to do nothing...meditation ...anyone want to join me

papillon Fri 28-May-04 17:59:31

ok - have you a meditation in mind?

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:00:23

think just in need of time without ds,dd and all week and no time to even think (moaning sorry)....

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:01:10

Hi papillon, am new to this so not quite sure what you mean

papillon Fri 28-May-04 18:04:36

well when you meditation you can focus on an idea... or a white light.. or do a visualisation once you are feeling settled.

trying to not let your mind wander is the key thing..

gothicmama Fri 28-May-04 18:07:27

I also meditate but use a candle flame to hep focus my mind - make yourself confy and empty your mind or visual something nice hope you find it helpful Baldrick

papillon Fri 28-May-04 18:07:42

breathing evenly and deeply and putting your hand on your heart helps concentrate you... listen and feel your heartbeating and relax

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:07:44

thanks papillon, probably done after children in bed?....does it work for you(sorry about all the questions)

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:10:54

and do you find when you are quite stressed it helps you (I mean a glass or two of wine is fine) but quite like the natural remedies iykwim (without feeling people spend Friday night with their eyes closed in a trance like thing)

melsy Fri 28-May-04 18:16:19

It is amazing for stress baldrick. The best place i find is in the bath with lavender oil , candles amnd chill out music.

Breathing and concentrating on that for some time is the key to the ralxation. There are im sure some very good starter tapes to talk you through visualisation.

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:18:53

sorry about all these questions, but do you do it often, like once a week, or whatever? have lots of tidying up to do tonight and really want to cover it with a cloth and forget about it...naughty I know

melsy Fri 28-May-04 18:22:16

Not naughty at all -- did you see the thread about the poems about leaving the cleaning to do better things. No problem with the questions. i was advised to try it every night as a way to get to sleep, but really your mean to do it sitting up so you dont fall asleep!!! Its very good for health as you encourage your brain waves to change and go to an Alpha state rather than the beta state that we are in when awake. Its a bit like a trance amnd helps to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:30:27

Thanks Melsy, it's just have had a week at work, Brownies, breakfasts and just want to what I want for a change...normally have day off but son was ill so spent Monday doing housework and rest of week have been working....and am expected to do washing up/ hoovering tonight when dh just watches telly....sorry for moaning but just sometimes wish he'd do morning breakfasts (like every other day) awful aren't I...have been nagging him tonight which is unlike me and just thought meditation might calm my nerves...sorry for are you btw

melsy Fri 28-May-04 18:32:33

Leave the washing up now mooodum , you are ordered to go to your room tell HIM to pish off and have YOUR time. It is very important and not just a whim thing tell him IMHO. This will help you calm , its friday too, I think we all need a treat on fridays.

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:34:55

oh eer...sometimes we need people to tell us to stop and forget it all (problem is noone has)...starting to chill a bit now

melsy Fri 28-May-04 18:38:51

well there you are someone just told you !!! Im being aunty melsy for you xxxx!!!

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:45:57

katierocket Fri 28-May-04 18:54:58

transcendental meditation is the bee knees. SO straightforward, doesn't require 'emptying the mind' which quite frankly I think sounds like too much hard work and has the most amazing affect. Anyone else done it?

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 18:59:57

lol, have just put sheet over the aforementioned pads of paper and filing stuff, just so it doesn't look like it's really there (you should have seen the look on dh's face).

melsy Fri 28-May-04 19:01:19

LOL baldrick , didnt mean to be bossy , but you alos need a break too. DH's are in my bad books at the mo !!

melsy Fri 28-May-04 19:01:47

Tell us more katierocket.

baldrick Fri 28-May-04 19:03:52

you bossy old cow!!

As if why is this??? am intruiged

As if!

papillon Fri 28-May-04 19:09:41

I think Countess Dracula did it as a young vampire - the transcendental version

tell us more katierocket I was just thinking about it today and wondered what it was all about?

melsy Fri 28-May-04 19:21:28

Takes one to know one baldrick LOL !!!!

Was "as if" in referance to me not being a bossy old cow?? Tell you more about dh , another night may be !!!

melsy Fri 28-May-04 19:31:00

I hope by the fact that you havent replied that you are now in deep state of alpha waves and relaxation !!!

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