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'Forward' Dreams - deja vu?

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suedonim Wed 26-May-04 23:08:38

I hope I'm on the right subject here! Dd2, 8yo, has casually been remarking that she's having what she calls 'forward dreams'. Eg, we went out to a local beauty spot last w/end and she said 'I've done this before, I had a forward dream about it.' It sounds like deja vu, to me. Do you think I'm correct and what do people think about deja vu, what causes it and so on.

mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:36:19

it is beleived that we only use a small part of our brain and when a sleep we can use alot more without knowing it therefore dreams and sleep walking if the part of the brain we dont use can see forward as well as back then i guess that could happen

Chandra Thu 27-May-04 00:35:51

Many times just knowing that you are going to do something makes you to dream about it, so when the situation actually comes it seems familiar. I wouldn't think much about it unless she starts giving specific details (for example telling you what is going to happen next and then the thing hapens).

juniper68 Thu 27-May-04 09:54:28

I have these and did as a child - more so then TBH

I'd just treat her normally. DS2 6yo says very profound things on a regular basis. When he was 2 1/2 we were in Majorca and went to a monastery where Chopin had lived in Valldemosa. We were going past a piano that Chopin played and he said 'I could tune that' we said do you mean play it and he said no tune it! The other people on the tour were astounded lol.

melsy Thu 27-May-04 09:59:13

I love that "forward dreaming" , I think might have to use it. What a great way to name deja Vu!!! I get it freaquently !!

suedonim Thu 27-May-04 10:29:56

Thanks for all the replies. I'm not concerned about it, just interested that she's having these experiences at her age. She's like me, has vivid dreams and she also comes out with some funny things. This morning she told me that when she woke up she was speaking, saying 'I feel like a peacock.' but she hadn't been dreaming about them. Then she said to me 'But how would I know what a peacock feels like, cos I'm not a peacock.'

My MIL is a very spiritual person, so I wonder if dd is inheriting something from her. Mil grew up in India and that seems to have influenced her a lot. She's now the president of a spiritualist church, does healing and such like. An amazing lady, in fact.

Right, I'm off into the garden now - it's *glorious* here today and my containers need potting up!

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