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planning a christening.

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Ahappynewmummy Thu 07-Apr-16 09:27:03

I don't know if I'm in the right place but I was wondering if I could have some help with what I need to do with regards of planning a christening and what I need to do with the church?

I read that I will need a minimum of 3 godparents 2 being male as it's my son we're doing it for.

I'm asking my brother to be one but he's only 16 will they accept that? he's been christened too if that's any help.

Fink Thu 07-Apr-16 11:06:44

What denomination is it? Church of England, Catholic etc.? There are slightly different requirements for each church. The easiest thing to do is to make an appointment to speak to the priest/vicar at whatever church you're wanting to hold the christening in and they'll talk you through exactly what you have to do. But if you want more information in preparation, just tell us what denomination.

Ahappynewmummy Thu 07-Apr-16 17:01:13

it'll be C of E. I've phoned the church in our parish but they didn't answer so left a message and waiting on them to get back to me.

It might be a good idea to go to a church service and introduce yourself. Some C of E churches will only baptise during the main Sunday service. Others will do a separate baptism service. As far as godparents are concerned they should be baptised and as long as they can say the promises contained in the service with integrity then age shouldn't be a problem.

Fink Thu 07-Apr-16 19:29:47

In that case you are right about the 3 godparents, it can include parents if you're christened. 16 is old enough.

I agree with the suggestion of going to a Sunday service to introduce yourself.

There's some general information here.


Ahappynewmummy Fri 08-Apr-16 09:30:01

they called me back and she's going to come round one of the days next week to introduce herself and talk about it with me.

will have to find another godparent for him. I think I have a idea who I would like it to be if he's been christened.

RNBrie Fri 08-Apr-16 09:33:14

I don't think you have to have three God parents. My vicar would have been happy with fewer. It's says "should" but it shouldn't stand in the way of a child being baptised.

It probably depends on how traditional your church is. But they'll explain everything when they come and see you.

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