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divorcing iranian husband

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mich6270 Wed 23-Mar-16 12:05:44

I've been married to an Iranian for 21yrs. I'm British and he's from Tehran. We married in Cyprus in 1993 and have 2 teenage daughters. After years of an unhappy marriage putting up with his mental, physical and financial abuse I left him. This time I didn't succumb to his emotional blackmail that he used previously to prevent me leaving him. After being charged and convicted of criminal damage and assault in September 2014 he fled the UK and went back to Iran where he still remains. He will not disclose his address as he knows I want a divorce, therefore I can't serve him divorce papers. Last year he contacted my daughters by text stating he stills loves them and misses them, however, has not provided any maintenance towards them and feels its not his responsibility as he no longer lives with them! My daughters have asked him for money but still he has his excuses and has not sent a penny. I have always been the breadwinner of the household, he never worked apart from 6 months in 1996, its always been my responsibility to pay the bills and put food on the table. We own a house which I'm still living in with my girls, the mortgage is in his name only but I've been paying the mortgage from day one. Thankfully, the law says I'm entitled to half the house even though he disputes this as its in his name.
I want advice as to how to proceed with a divorce without his consent, my solicitor says there's not much I can do as he wont provide me with an address.
He's moving on with his life and has told my daughters that he's getting married to an Iranian woman imminently. He may have divorced me in Iran already but I have no idea, any he says he's entitled to have 5 wives if he wishes. I don't care what he does.....I just want rid of him once and for all.
I will be grateful for any advice offered......thanks

LineyReborn Wed 23-Mar-16 12:11:02

I'd ask MNHQ to move this to legal matters.

Your solicitor doesn't seem very helpful, if you don't mind me saying.

AtHome64 Tue 05-Apr-16 10:18:10

Hi sorry I don't have advice but in a similar situation, I have an address for my Iranian Ex, so can get papers couriered to him for UK divorce but I'm struggling to get him to agree to our Islamic divorce!
Have you tried speaking to the Iranian Embassy for advice?

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