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Anyone done Transcendental meditation?

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Flutterbywings Wed 24-Feb-16 09:37:21

I was just wondering about any others experiences of TM. I went on the 4 day training just over a year ago and certainly found it very relaxing, the only other thing I have possibly noticed come out of my practice is an increased level of compassion, which is indeed a very good thing.

Just recently I decided to try and step up my practice and make sure I fitted in my twice daily meditation. Since then I have been met with a very strong feeling that it is not what I should be doing, that this meditation was not going to take me down the path I should be on.

I know this might sound very odd but I felt like the transcending is taking my mind to a 'lower' state by slipping below thought, which is relaxing but is almost the same as using a drug or alcohol to escape. It occurred to me the outcome of TM is possibly quite different to that of a mindfulness or Vipassana meditation.

Id love to hear from anyone else with experience of TM or who thinks anything about this?

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