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Christian Prayer Thread. Back to school and into Autumn

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Dutchoma Fri 28-Aug-15 17:38:05

As we were nearly at 1000 posts and TUO is both very busy and away today, I thought I might have a go at setting up a new thread.
I have looked back over nearly four months of prayers, of sharing, of support, of gladness and sadness and so much more. I think there are about 50 different people on the thread, some are there from beginning to end, some come in, are here for a few days and then don’t post any more.
Both are valuable, all are welcome, we share with you in anxiety and depression, in worry for others, but also in prayers answered, wonderful healing, good exam results and so much more.
But we also realise that life moves on, that the prayer thread was helpful for a while and is not so relevant now. Never be afraid to come back, we all need prayer and support.

So, like TUO I shall pick out a few names for the new thread, but leave behind some that have not posted for a while, hoping that they will come back and update us.
Specially thinking of: Anjelica27; I know how much this thread has helped you. Bsshbosh and wondering how she is now.
Whoagirrrrl, after her operation. Dizzydaffodil, Pandora37 and PeterSpots .

There are so many more names to remember: Alittleroom, Bluetinkerbell, DontstepontheMomeraths, Howtoapproachthis and several more.

And then the ones that are quite recent like:
ALittleFaith, Amberlight; BlackEyedSusan, Dontbesilly; EdithSimcox; FaithLoveandHope, Kaykat, Lightnessofbeing; MadHairDay; PositiveAttitude; QuestionofFaith; QuietIsland2; SESthebrave; TUO; Weegiemum; ZipadiSoozi

And if I have omitted any one, be assured that God never forgets and holds you fast in His love and mercy.

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Aug-15 18:50:15

Yay. thanks for that Oma.

been tidying. found the first really big eight legged beasty of the season. now an ex 8lb. tidying resumes wearing rubber gloves as it had been too close for comfort.

put dry pots away
one load of washing to freshen up after spending 8 months on the bed.
one load of ordinary washing
one load of delicates. (still in the machine washing)

recycling put in a carrier bag to take down when we go out.
some bits put away.
some tidying done in the kitchen
emptied the shopping bags and put away (bags ready to go back to the car.)

I really need to put mucky clothes on and get under the stairs. may wait until tomorrow.

I need to take the fire safe upstairs and put it away. It is currently in the kitchen where it was slid in. It is a triffle heavy. not keen on putting it under the stairs after someones electrics started a fire there.

I can see a difference in the size of the heap of stuff in the kitchen. no-one else would though. More needs to be done at tea time: ie washing up.

Anjelica27 Fri 28-Aug-15 21:20:12

As always Oma, thank you. Whispering very quietly so as not to tempt fate, prayers were answered and ds went to his appointment. Continuing to pray that this is the first baby step on the way to recovery, or at the very least, a small step in the right direction. Thank you for the prayers on the other thread, some, in particular, were very meaningful. Thank you too for your prayers for my ds, especially when I can't find the words to do it myself.

madhairday Fri 28-Aug-15 22:29:32

Thank you lovely oma. flowers

Glad ds went to the appt, Anjelica. Praying for you tonight.

Waves to BES. Sounds like you're getting some inroads in it all smile

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Aug-15 23:12:57

<waves back>

bugger. I told the children we were going to meet their dad tomorrow in town. except he has got the date wrong and is not going to be there til sunday. we have church. then back here for lunch then into town. changing our plans. otherwise the children will be v upset. he told dd who was up. no-one has told ds who was not up when he rang.

can not move it to monday as we have a prior arrangement and ex has to be at his house for the landlord. ex is not able to do anything else tomorrow as he has to pack up his stuff at his dads to move to his new house.

the expected day and a half or so, is now half a day.

QuietIsland2 Fri 28-Aug-15 23:46:40

I like the sound of a fire safe but I would think they'd be heavy. Be careful of your back Bes.

Praying for you all at the start of this new thread.

Praying too for all the souls fleeing conflict and seeking safety. Jesus too was a refugee.

QuietIsland2 Fri 28-Aug-15 23:50:50

angelica [whispers] glad ds is getting help and may it continue to be fruitful.

Thinking too of dont's beloved dad and praying for the new doctor's involvement.

BlackeyedSusan Sat 29-Aug-15 12:45:34

quiet, there is a reason it is still on the kitchen floor!I may be able to slide it into the living room if not.

Pandora97 Sat 29-Aug-15 15:57:34

Thanks for thinking of me Dutchoma. Had to change my username slightly - was on the infamous hacking list and couldn't get back into my old account so had to create a new one!

Nothing has changed in my situation other than that I've found out some more details about the case (unfortunately not good ones) which makes me think a prison sentence is likely. So have prepared myself for that eventuality. Have occasional nightmares about what this person did, especially now I've found out more. Had a particularly vivid and nasty one last night, joy. I have anxiety anyway and I find prayer is helping to keep me calm so I'm thankful for that.

Hope everyone else is doing okay. smile

BlackeyedSusan Sat 29-Aug-15 18:47:23

well. I have been under the stairs to dig out the bucket and mop for ex. wonder whether he will take it. he has nothing for cleaning so needs one, unless his dad is giving him a mop and bucket.

next job is getting all the sodding bags back in the cupboard. grr.

TheRealGracePoole Sat 29-Aug-15 18:58:36

<peeps in>

Can I join?

Always have a prayer list battling with my to do list.

Working hard to create a space for women in my area to be the real them, realise they are wonderfully made, understand they are loved instead of being a little bit downtrodden.

Always need prayer while I work on this women's ministry and always happy to pray for others.

Dontbesilly Sat 29-Aug-15 20:05:27

Welcome Grace it's lovely to meet you. This is a wonderful thread with the most compassionate and welcoming people. They are always there for everyone and I am absolutely grateful for each and every one of them. Prayers for you Grace and your ministry too. It sounds like a wonderful thing that you are doing for others flowers

Thanks Oma for the new thread it's much appreciated flowers

Angelica very pleased to hear that your appointment went well. Praying for you and ds and that things continue to progress for your family. Baby steps are fine as they all help towards the whole journey. You sound so pleased and that's so good to hear and thank you for sharing.

Thank you Quiet. Dad was severely depressed last week. The chemo is to blame as well as damn cancer. I just pray that as he is feeling so bad, the cancer too is taking a bashing. I pray for that with everything I have. I love him so much!!! Wish sometimes people would understand that he is constantly in my mind even though he isn't constantly in theirs and to please just...well...understand that. I am broken and can't imagine how he feels.

Pandora you are in my prayers for the difficulties facing you. Prayers for courage, peace and strength. Hoping you find comfort and calm in prayer.

To everyone else you are all still in my prayers and thoughts whatever your difficulties facing you.

Dutchoma Sat 29-Aug-15 21:08:01

Welcome Grace.
Sorry to hear your dad got depressed Dont, it apparently is a side effect of the chemo. Are you speaking with a MacMillan nurse? We were in touch with several when my dh was so ill (even though he didn't have cancer) and they were all so marvellous, every single one of them. It was a great help to my dh, but even more to me. They do speak to relatives as well as the patients.
BES try to get some rest, or you will find it hard to sleep.
Pandora the whole MN hacking must have phased you a bit. I was just concerned that there were people needing support and all of a sudden it fell away. I certainly missed it.
I hope that you will not have to wait too long for an outcome to your loved one's case and that no more damaging evidence comes to light.

TheRealGracePoole Sat 29-Aug-15 21:40:19

Thanks both smile

madhairday Sat 29-Aug-15 22:22:39

Praying, dontbesilly. I can sense your pain. Praying for peace amidst it all.

Welcome, grace. It sounds like a fantastic ministry you have there. Praying for encouragement for you in it all.

Lightnessofbeing2015 Sun 30-Aug-15 00:19:38

Don't just to say I am thinking of you and your dad and praying for his well being and health. It's so difficult when things are out of are control but I am sure he must really value your love and support through his illness.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 30-Aug-15 10:04:26

woken up with pain from hypermobility syndrome... ouch. need to walk today so hoping ibuprofen sees it off.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 30-Aug-15 10:42:18

we are going to try and meet their dad today. <eyeroll> we also have to fit a shopping trip in. <sigh>

dd expressed a little annoyance yesterday at not meeting her dad, and this morning told me she would be annoyed if we did not see him. for dd this is a really mild response, she is usually much more vocal. ds has not seemed bothered at all. I am not sure what to make of it. whether to be pleased they are not bothered or concerned that they are not bothered.

Dontbesilly Sun 30-Aug-15 12:12:19

Thanks everyone for the kind words and the prayers. It's appreciated far more than I could ever describe on here.

Thanks Oma. I wondered if it was a side effect of the chemo but I need to pluck up courage and read up on it. I have rung McMillan a few times and they have been absolutely amazing. Even the caring tone to their voice is calming and reassuring. Unfortunately dad's nurse isn't quite so. She has had my mum, sister and myself in tears on separate occasions with her uncaring and unhelpful manner. Neither of us told the other about our experience with her for fear of making things worse for dad. Then something else happened and we all realised that we had had a negative experience with her. We think it's connected to our private consultation in London and it wasn't received well, like we don't trust them and the idea of paying for medical treatment offends her. But it's dad. Who wouldn't try anything to save their dad????We try to avoid her now and my mum's gp is good to mum and I ring McMillan direct for advice and they are wonderful so sincerely caring.

Please be careful bes. Are you sleeping in your bed now? Worried about you and your health. Headaches and body pain is not good for anyone. Your always rushing around and you don't have a minute for yourself. Please do try to relax. Good luck with your dc today and the meeting. Hope it goes well and the children enjoy the day.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone x

Dutchoma Sun 30-Aug-15 12:23:13

Don't that is a real shame if your McMillan nurse is not sympathetic to you because you looked for a private consulatation. Has she actually said so? It is very hard to make an issue out of it and avoiding her seems to be only way for now as you have already so much to deal with. But if you have an opportunity to mention it to your gp I would do so. Our nurses worked out of the GP practice and were also connected to the local hospice.

Dontbesilly Sun 30-Aug-15 16:09:26

Well dad is received chemo through an IV line in his hand. He has problems with that hand anyway with a previous surgery on his tendons and the IV line is making it worse. The private doctor recommended a hickman line and the McMillan nurse refused it. We offered to pay for it. She refused it. She won't recognise the private doctors recommendations and referal letters and we cannot speak to the consultant as she (McMillan nurse) is the 'gatekeeper' and nothing gets past her first also the consultant is on her second holiday in five weeks with noone covering her work load. Dad waited over 8 weeks with a diagnosis before he even got a chemotherapy treatment start date never mind treatment starting. When I enquired about the delay she reminded me dad wasn't the only person to have cancer and there are other people. This was my first conversation with her. I was in tears saying that I wasn't selfish, just worried that he is being overlooked as the nhs deadline for treatment to start has long gone. Everyone is equal and cancer is cruel to millions of people not just our family. The private doctor said that if chemo is successful he could possibly give drugs to extend dad's life expectancy and the McMillan nurse is dismissing it all. This doctor in London is world renowned and a leader. The McMillan nurse hasn't said anything direct but is sarcastic and I suppose rude and the little sarcastic remarks do hurt especially when we try to find anything out. Our gp, the private doctor and even McMillan themselves said that they cannot understand why she won't ask for dad to have a hickman line especially as they are commonly used, would benefit dad immensely and we offered to pay. McMillan said to make a complaint but mum isn't keen as already dad is suffering. Another medical professional said he though it was ego related but I suppose I can't accept that someone in this position would be like that. Anyway as long as we can continue to avoid her, we can speak to the gp and McMillan direct (who are absolutely fantastic people so kind and understanding) and things go more smoothly and mum doesn't get upset. Plus I have wonderful support here and a strong relationship with God so that is plenty for me to be grateful for.

Sorry if that sounded negative of the nhs and McMillan in general I don't intend for that, it's just our experience with one person.

Dutchoma Sun 30-Aug-15 16:25:45

Such a shame that one negative person can have such an influence. Complaining is really hard and like MacMillan nationally I can't understand why this one nurse is being so negative.
Will bear it up in prayer Dont, I'm glad that you find comfort in our and your own prayers.

Lightnessofbeing2015 Sun 30-Aug-15 17:58:40

Hi don't.
I think simply asking why he can't have the Hickman line is fine. Maybe there is a reason or a logistical issue such as who will put it in( sometimes a senior medical team member, sometimes booked in in theatre & done by the anaesthetists)
If he is having the chemo in a hospital chemo day unit I would have thought that decision would usually be up to the Oncologist rather than the MM nurse. Could you ask the chemo nurse to ask the Oncologist for you? Some lines you can take bloods from too although sometimes they do block and have to be replaced etc.
Prayers for him and you through this difficult time.

Dontbesilly Sun 30-Aug-15 18:43:54

Thank you Oma and Lob. I will get mum to speak to the chemo nurse on Wednesday when he has another round of chemo. They might agree anyway as his hand is swollen and sore. One of the medical people mentioned it could tissue and the chemo leak into the hand and become irritating. I think I remembered that bit correctly, hopefully it makes sense. Thanks for the advice Lob, it's much appreciated. We were told an anaesthetist needed to put it in and that he would benefit from it but it isn't happening.

Oma I am finding so much comfort in prayer and from this thread. I think that the thread is somehow strengthening my faith and helping me to pray more positively, if that makes sense. The night the site went off I was lost without it. It was like having a power cut and you really needed the electricity to work again. I must sound like a loon lol. grin

I hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday. Our dishwasher decided to breakdown after a years service. The parts to replace it were expensive and dh couldn't guarantee that it would work anyway. We bought a new one today and it's now working away for us after dh plumbed it in. Apart from him being shocked by my stash of cleaning products under the sink to be moved to fit the pipes in blush everything went in fine. Thank goodness for dh being handy star

Thanks for your prayers for us and I hope everyone is doing OK. I am thinking and praying for all and everyones individual difficulties. Have a peaceful and relaxing bank holiday everyone x

TheRealGracePoole Sun 30-Aug-15 18:47:32

don't I really feel for you I have been through something similar. I would be concerned about your nurses bedside manner/customer focus/attitude or what you will. My mum had a Hickman Line in which was brilliant.

I think sometimes people forget that you are going through it too. It isn't you that has cancer. It isn't your spouse that has cancer. But it is your parent. You are part of them, they were your world for so long. I think she should be aware of where you might be at the moment and am actually really surprised at the way she appears to be speaking to you.

We had a really good experience of MacMillan and I would rate them and am surprised.

So anyway don't are you getting the support you need? Having been there and expending all my emotional and physical energy supporting my parent with cancer, and my healthy parent, I forgot about me. Obviously one day it had to come out. Wasn't great.

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