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Dreams and their meanings

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scabby Fri 14-Aug-15 11:32:03

Not sure where I should post this - sorry if its in the wrong place.

I've heard people say that there is nothing more boring than hearing about other people's dreams. Am I the only one who finds them fascinating especially my own?

I used to have this reoccurring dream. Well, nightmare really. It was always based in my grandparents house (huge, rural place...happy connotations for me, a time for family and fun and peace. Good memories). I was always drawn to one of the rooms in the house - which wasn't actually a room, it was the bedsit myself and (now)ex shared when we first moved in together. And it was haunted. By a terrible, evil presence. It would contort one wall of the room, so that the wall would be coming out at me. Terrifying. I would turn and run but then I would be trapped in a dungeon / hell with all these tortured souls. Satan was there, along with fire and brimstone. We would try and escape down these tunnels but it would always end up with me opening a tiny door at the end of a tunnel, where a little girl was squashed into this tiny space, writing something on paper. I would shut the door and that would be the end of the dream.

That nightmare reoccurred throughout my relationship with my ex. We split up a week ago, and last night I had the dream again...only this time I didn't run away from the ghost in the room - I faced it.

Turns out it wasn't a ghost after all. It was Bruce Willis grin

I think the interpretation of this - on a basic level - is quite clear. Once I left my ex, I was able to face my fear. I think.

Not sure where Bruce Willis came from though! But it made me laugh.

scabby Fri 14-Aug-15 12:04:56

Just read on another thread that there is a lucid dreams thread around - I can't find it, can anyone link please??

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