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Where is the church when it hurts?

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BeckerLleytonnever Sun 26-Jul-15 17:22:49

you havent heard from or seen someone for over 10 MONTHS.

theyre supposed to be your friend. you're supposed to be thiers.

you know they are struggling with their own excrutiating physical,and mental disabilities and looking after a extremely disabled young person full time (no respite, no family,no carers).

They dont broadcast their woes to many people, just maybe one or people, close you.and only when and if youve asked how they are.
They struggle financially too. and cant be calling you frequently for a chat,or contact you..In fact they havent been able to contact you for a number of reasons.

they have no family except themselves, so their friends, and church, are like family to them.

theyrve always tried to be there for you, and the church,and have been virtual doormats when youve wanted something from them.

if you knew their struggles and illness, and called yourself their friend, would you not text/phone/write at leats once in a while to see if theyre okay or if they need anything?

Wouldnt you be worried?

and if you did phone/text/ leave a message and they didnt get back to you from over 10 months ago, wouldnt you go round to their house to see if they were okay?

you know they have falls and injure themselves due to being unsteady know they end up in hospital yet have no one to care for their child and so they can't stay in hospital for long.

you know they only just manage with food and bills.

you know theyre not reckless with money or anything, in fact they budget brilliantly.

and you know theyre not after a handout or anything

.they just want a friend.

and yes, a shoulder once in a while as theyve ALWAYS been a shoulder for you.

you know youve offered to take their disabled person out for a bit and give you a rest, or take disabled person out for a treat as you know its very difficult for them to leave the house.

and once in an extreme blue moon when the
yve asked ,whenever you can, no pressure, to take you up on that offer then you make some obvious flimsy excuse not to?

and you know full well you only say you care and can help only to make yourself look and sound so good and holy?

and you call yourself a Christian and believe in helping others?

youre a member of a church that proudly claims to care for everyone in the world (yet seemingly not the person you call a friend a few roads away).

and you know they cant always get to church because of their diasablities yet they make the effort seeing as no one offers to pick them up even though its on your way, just because theyre not elderly?

do you realise theyve actually left the church because theyve realised what a load of hipocrites you all are and dont practice what you preach?

(they know theyre not perfect either but theyve always, disabilitlies allowing, tried to practice their faith and what being a Christian is?)

you know they served the church and community (and outside community) for many many years before becoming disabled , (and you know it was their ex H that made them disabled with his violence. and when they were pregnant too, thus damaging the child inside too?)

you know they didnt expect any rewards for their commitment to the church and fellowship, nor brownie points from God, but they did believe in ''do unto others as you would have them do to you''?

Just once in a while?

you know theyre not attention seekers, and you know they are extremely vulnerable and targetted by anti social neighbours (and you know the police and social services do sod all about it), you know they live in an unsafe area yet they cant move out for medical and financial reasons.
you know theyre not after sympathy, they jsut want someone, just ONE person ina world of billions of people, to care? At least for just one hour out of your whole life?

so..........dont you care any more? and then you wonder why the church is in decline. and why christians are called hipocrites.

(sorry its long)

SleepIsOverrated Sun 26-Jul-15 17:28:39

I'm so sorry you've had that experience. It sounds very very isolating. And you're right, it's not what the body of Christ should be all about.

I'm not sure if you are angry with one individual, or with the congregation as a whole? How big is the church? Is there a pastoral visiting team? In an ideal world, of course they would notice and offer help, and I'm really sorry that hasn't happened. But might it be worth ringing and requesting an official visit yourself?

BeckerLleytonnever Mon 27-Jul-15 16:28:38

Thing is (thanks for reply BTW) They should be concerned, Im sick and tired of always taking the 1st step and saying 'er hello, remember me?'' cos Im actually not like that.

Its not a massive congregation either, so it not as if Im a small fish in a big pond.

Yes there is a pastoral team, they've done FA . and its the whole church, especially the ones who are/were supposed to be close friends, as Ive been with them.

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