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Child dedication

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itaintmebabe Fri 17-Jul-15 08:20:09

I'm not religious but one of my best friends is having her son dedicated this weekend.

We obviously want to be there so will be going to church.

Not sure what the protocol is though? Do I bring presents? Card? Anything else I should know?

thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts Fri 17-Jul-15 18:10:24

This isn't my tradition so I'm a bit in the dark myself. Do you know what sort of church it is?

Zebee Fri 17-Jul-15 18:12:41

A good idea is to think of it like a christening without the water although it may be less formal than a christening. A small gift is nice.

Notname Fri 17-Jul-15 23:12:06

I agree with Zebee, we dedicate children at our church rather than christen them, and it's less formal than a christening (some more than others, depends on the family's preferences). the dedictaion is part of rthe normal church service too (I know some christenings are seperate events). I would take a small gift smile

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