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Inspiring Bible Quotes for a new beginning for Sunday School

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lala21 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:23:36

Hello there I am a helper at our Sunday School which is part of a very large and well attended Anglican Church.

We want to become a better Sunday School and I am presenting an action plan report on Tuesday

A few of my ideas inc
Setting a SS Facebook

Burning our SS CD rom with songs so parents can give the children

More showcasing in church ( the older members of the congregation are always asking what we are doing)

A bit more messy stuff

Bringing a bit more of a modern approach without being revolutionary!

What I want is a lovely inspirational quote about new beginnings, having faith, having hope,
My head hurts as I have been trying to find a quote that encapsulates a re launch of our Sunday School - obviously its the Bible I keep finding ones I love--

Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated

level3at6months Sun 21-Jun-15 20:30:57

No ideas to add, sorry, but your ideas sound great smile

iloveport Sun 21-Jun-15 20:39:24

Habakkuk 2:3

"The vision will be fulfilled, though it seems slow it will surely come to pass"

lala21 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:40:50

oh thank u I found one from mother Theresa actually what do people think?

be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies

( seems apt as our SS leader kept going on how small our numbers were) and I kept saying but they are the same children who are attending which is a positive and we still have over 30 for our sports day coming up who are a definite

iloveport Sun 21-Jun-15 20:49:04

Prov 4:26

"Give careful thought to the paths of your feet and be steadfast in all your ways".

TheObligatoryNotQuiteSoNewGirl Sun 21-Jun-15 21:35:39

"See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland" - Isaiah 43:19

Perhaps the second half sounds a bit negative about how your Sunday School was before, but the first half is lovely - we have it on the mural in our "new" (several years old now, but still relatively "new") building.

I also like iloveport 's

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