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has spirituality made you any happier

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baldrick Sun 02-May-04 21:04:30

know sounds a bit naff and obvious, but every day feel blessed and welcome each day with new hope, promise and have no fear of what happens after this life.....Christ that sounds soooo heavy, it's just that ever since became intersted in Spirituality, it has changed my life and sometimes am sooo high I could fly (btw not drunk, just feel great)....apologies for apperaing shallow but do believe this can happen, I feel very lucky, wonder if anyone has had an experience to make them feel blessed.

baldrick Sun 02-May-04 21:22:36

this isn't one of those threads where Lavender gets arsey, those days are gone, just really curious about how other people feel about this (not hugely churchified myself (as was rammed down throat as a youngster....but seems to have happened in last 3 years.....there must be someone who shares this feeling, maybe not, it doesn't matter but please it's a spirituality thread and the spirits are out

papillon Mon 03-May-04 09:23:17

I would say that spirituality has made me more rounded and open to life happenings. I get alot of wisdom from it which I do try and implement in real life and not just keep as theory in my head.

But when I first started exploring spirituality it had the opposite effect - which I believe can frequently happen - the pilgrims path so to speak - searching for answers, looking for alternatives.
I got slapped around though at first and had some bad things happen. Which I learnt from, and realised I had not respected certain spiritual laws and my life path.

So I feel blessed to be aware of my footsteps (most of the time) as what we do comes back to haunt us if not done with patience and respect

glitterfairy Mon 03-May-04 10:08:23

That is lovely papillon and I love the pilgrim part I think we are all pilgrims in a way following our ancestors and also our path through life. I have places where I go like the dales and there I feel spiritually alive. THunder storms are also like that!

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