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Hindu advice really appreciated please

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BCBG Fri 06-Feb-15 18:20:47

I am currently writing a short story about grief. In my story, the widower, who is English, decides to travel with part (but not all) of his wife's ashes back to Kerala, where she was born. He leaves the day after the mourning meal which takes place in his flat. The ashes are present in the flat while the relatives are there. After they leave, he makes his preparations for the journey.

What I need to know is - am I likely to cause offence to anyone by treating the story/the deceased wife in this way? I have not specified her religion - she came to the UK as a young girl with her family and married here. Her family attend the mourning meal. I would be hugely grateful for your advice and thoughts. I have no idea why the story has gone this way, but it has! Thank you for reading.

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