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Anyone on here do Reiki?

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alexa1 Sun 17-Sep-06 19:19:53

Hi. I need a question answered if possible.

I have reiki done once a month and when my therapist puts her hands behind my head she said she always gets a vibrating feeling and she is not sure what it means.

She always starts the treatment at top of my head, then over my eyes, then back of head and this is the position she gets the vibrating feeling.

Anyone know what it means?

iris66 Mon 18-Sep-06 15:53:35

Alexa - I do practise reiki but can't answer your question I'm afraid. It is for your therapist to answer since she is conducting the treatment. Different people experience different things with reiki so do press her to give you more information. FWIW I personally think it a little unprofessional to tell you she's getting this sensation without giving you more information. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

reikizen Tue 03-Jul-07 16:01:36

Sometimes I get sensations when practising Reiki and I'm not always sure what they mean. Usually a vibrating feeling for me is a positive sign and I try to stay in that position for as long as possible. I'd tell the person I was working on to see if we could figure it out together - they may have an old injury there for example, or is that where you store tension and stress? I never try to suggest I have answers when doing Reiki, I just leave it to work through itself.

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