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Feel the vibe - engage the flow

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papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 07:37:47

The sun is out,
I feel happy
and wish to share my warm hearted energy with you all.


SoupDragon Thu 01-Apr-04 08:11:47

I need some of that energy!!

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 08:20:09

I am breathing in the warm sunshine and now exhaling and radiating its energy and lightness towards SoupDragon.

incurablecynic Thu 01-Apr-04 08:23:52

sorry but ... is this an april fool?

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 08:29:04

Not at all , we have 2 previous threads on this here spirituality part2

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 08:30:03

& here spirituality part 1 .

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 08:31:58

Morning ***Melsy***

We need to find a cure for the incurablecynic

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 08:41:04

good thinking attaching those threads girl

so how u doing?

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 08:47:49

Morning papillon & Soupy & incurablecynic.

I have something very very relevant to share this morning.

I had my 2nd Hopi treatment as you know , BTW she is such a lovely women. She always takes her time with me even if it runs way over the hour. Anywhooo she did a card reading on me at the end. I had to ask my spirit guides "what do you wnat me to know" & this is what came up from the 3 card reading:

1) SYNCHRONICITY CARD (WEHEY!!!!!!!I mean how synchronistic can u get)
images on there were 2 crossing DOLPHINS (papillon) & a spray of crystals below in ORANGE/GREEN/PURPLE & BLUE
It said "prayers & questions are being answered by synchronistic events. Notice them in order to increase thier flow" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Images on there were mountains with grasses & furns. A young mermaid sitting in front with orange /red tropical flowers lillys. long dark hair , jewellery. Looked Hawwaian !!!!!
It said "spedn time alone medittating upon which you truely desire" I am doing this more , but now the therapist has asked me to do it with purpose for an hr & then note after asnswers to questions "what do I want next" & My true desires".

Image was again a young mermaid with long dark wavy hair , a young girl of about 4-5 yrs was sitting to her left with dark long hair & looked like my dd. she was holding a young toddler boy with fair hair (like when my dh was a toddler , even though we are both raven coloured).

It said "as feelings towards your mother heal your desires manifest more rapidky and accurately" This is VERY VERY relevant as I have some majoor issues with my mum & are focusing on this with my hypnotherapist.

I was blown away big time. I just had to share it with u as it was ssooo significant & I new you would GET IT. The HOPI lady suggested I not talk to my sister of DH about this as they dont believe in it and more often than not laugh at me for my PHEOBE NESS. Which is very upsetting. The other freaky thing that just ahppened this morning is this. I hmade a new friend some years ago , through her buying my flat in the area. We bumped into each other a couple of weeks ago. This morning she put a wonderful card through my letter box with an abundance of orange flowers on the front.Asking if I wanted to get together. How truelly truelly wonderful. Sputter in amazement, I have been medittating on orange the last few weeks & I am captivated by flower study at the mo.
Its a bit long this morning , but my spiritual journey is proving to be FANTASTIC and I am soo glad you are all on it with me.

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 09:06:50

Hey Melsy thats fantastic. I feel honoured and kinda humbled.

Oh that is so great - get as much insight as you can today so that the nuturing effect can carry on and on -

Feel the vibe - engage the flow while remembering that Attentiveness rather than efficiency - Gentle flow rather than speed makes greater inner healing.


melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 10:03:10

Not sure I have been attentive this morning. Think I may have blown my spiritual karma again. I just sprouted off to aother mummy friend on the phone about my restaurant chucking out incident and other stuff & Im not sure she wanted to hear it. Juts got that vibe. I think I over did it on the barrage. Im going out with her today and Im worried that I have ticked her off, how do I right this. I tried to apologise there and then on the phone but she changed the subject. Why do I keep doing this. Hopi lady thinks its the pendulam effect , have you heard of it?? My karma seems immediate at the moment. Does anyone feel that to????

Just wanted to say my dd was also very knowing , the midwives said she looke like an old soul too.

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 11:44:26

Gotta forget that restaurant incident me thinks.

The pendulum thing sounds about right.... the emotional highs and lows... so therefore more balance is necessary. At the moment u are doing alot of soul searching and feeling alot of different emotions. The panic feeling comes after change has already occurred - it is the step back so that you can step forward with an improved worldview - so bear with it and recognise that inner knowledge usually blossoms over time...

Feel the vibe - engage the flow while remembering that **Attentiveness rather than efficiency - Gentle flow rather than speed makes greater inner healing. **

So take your time... deep slow breathing.. do not rush anything - there is no deadline to make.


juniper68 Thu 01-Apr-04 16:29:34

Hi all,
Sounds like a fab reading Melsy. Will she do one for you after every hopi?
Try not to dwell too much on upsetting your mate. I don't know what happened in the restaurant but your a good person so she's lucky to have u as a mate. Could she perhaps be upset about something herself and that's the vibes your getting. Could you ask her? Or jokingly appologise for any upset?
I've got a gob for England so I'm always over exhuberant but that's me!!
I've been stuck in the last 3 days as DS2 has tummy bug, so I'm cleaning both ends - very spiritually uplifting

juniper68 Thu 01-Apr-04 16:35:16

My fairy name is Gossamer Moonwitch

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 19:24:14

I like the cleaning both ends!!!Poor little babs , how is he this evening???

I think my friend was just fed up and tired,I apologised for an early morning mouthful. She said she agreed that the restaurant guy just had a major problem and should seek help !!!

I think I talk so much when I am with a friend as I have no one else to share this all with as I have been advised not to discuss it with DH at the moment as he is just critical of it. It is my journey & no one elses. My friend re iterated that to me today and told me to calm down and relax. So my spirit guides seem to be telling me this over and over through all of you and other friends . I should take heed , its just very overpowering.

Not sure she will do a reading every treatment. It is very powerful messages . May be I should only do that one.

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 19:30:05

Anyway thats enough on me for a while. I think I need to lift the mood.

So anything good happen today to anyone????

My fairies name is Columbine Elffly & dds is Gossamer Willowfly.

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 19:43:31

Evening Columbine Elffly!

Not around for long.. off to bed soon.. love bed!

I had a nice lazy afternoon in a garden with two girlfriends.

Glad to hear you had a good day.

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 19:48:25

Hi Juniper - hope your ds feels better soon - saw your thread the other day and hope you are doing ok.

I would be interested in hearing more about your Start course. !
Does it fit with any of the things we talk about here?

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 19:48:38

Love bed too , you are very disciplined to get into bed early. I always stay up too late , even though I want bed.

melsy Thu 01-Apr-04 19:55:56

Going to sign off early tonight, as the screen is wobbling . VERY tired . Might lurk later to see what everyones chatting about.

so goodnight for now XXX

Kayleigh Thu 01-Apr-04 20:03:38

Melsy, knew I'd find you here as soon as I saw the thread name ! Was just going to text you but can't tear myself away from Mumsnet Can we make it a bit later tomorrow morning. Will be with you around 10:30-10:45. Is that OK ?

(And if you mention the resaturant thing I'll box your ears )

sibble Thu 01-Apr-04 20:03:57

goodnight everybody

papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 20:04:13

No go to bed!!!


papillon Thu 01-Apr-04 20:04:48

Hi Sibble!!

How are you doing today?

sibble Thu 01-Apr-04 20:07:02

good how are you?

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