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Made a fool of myself at Mass today.

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SauvignonBlanche Sun 29-Jun-14 19:16:06

I couldn't stop crying during a hymn and I had no tissues. blush

The communion hymn was one my DM loved, we sang it at DF's funeral, then again at DM's. I could do with DM's support at the moment and really felt her presence but felt such a fool crying, we were right near the from too.

Five minutes later we sang 'Be not afraid' and I realised, for the first time that I'm terrified, I'm having a brain tumour removed next week so started crying again!

I've now put a packet of tissues in my handbag and won't be going anywhere without them again! smile

LaurieFairyCake Sun 29-Jun-14 19:17:29

Crying very normal

God bless you and I hope you're ok next week smile

Ilikesweetpeas Sun 29-Jun-14 19:20:44

Ahh, you sound like you have a lot on at the moment. Hymns can be very powerful, I have a few that evoke strong emotions. I hope you don't mind me saying a prayer to help you through the next few weeks.

niminypiminy Sun 29-Jun-14 19:23:52

Sauvignon I will hold you in my prayers tonight. It sounds like you have a huge amount going on. Anybody would cry!

SecretNutellaFix Sun 29-Jun-14 19:26:36

Be Not Afraid always makes me tear up as well.

I haven't anything as major coming up in my future as you have, a few tears are allowed.

eekihaveadate Sun 29-Jun-14 19:26:37

Oh my goodness you have such a lot on your plate.

I will keep you in my thoughts.

3littlewomen Sun 29-Jun-14 19:28:29

Dear SB,

That happens to me anytime they sing "oh Lord my God, when I'm in awesome wonder".... The tears flow and all I can see is my Mums coffin.

If I saw anyone crying at mass, I would empathiseas I think it is very normal and probably make sure I said hello afterwards.

Hope and pray things turn out well, and please do not feel embarrassed x

SauvignonBlanche Sun 29-Jun-14 19:33:24

I felt bad for my teenage DCs, more so than myself, anything is embarrassing at that age, a sobbing mother must be mortifying! grin

Thanks for the prayers, they're much appreciated.

Misfitless Mon 30-Jun-14 00:15:36

I've done this many fact I can't help myself whenever I hear taste and see.

Thinking and praying for you.

glorious Mon 30-Jun-14 08:20:27

Oh goodness, poor you, I think that would make anyone cry. If it makes you feel better I quite often cry in hymns and I'm in the choir shock People understand, one of the reasons we sing hymns together is that they're emotional and singing together can be bonding.

gingerdodger Mon 30-Jun-14 08:44:40

Be Not Afraid is beautiful and obviously really resonated with you and your circumstances. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

I've cried loads of times in mass. Sometimes I just can't help it. I've seen others cry too. I think it's natural, especially when something during mass speaks to you as this hymn did.

Please don't feel a fool. I think this hymn was God's way of speaking with you, such a powerful message in dark times.

I hope all goes well with you. When is the operation? I will keep you in my prayers.

madhairday Mon 30-Jun-14 13:02:58

Joining my prayers too SB, it's no wonder you were teary, and you didn't make a fool of yourself at all. Church can release high emotions in people and does in us all from time to time. Maybe you needed that particular hymn to give you some release for all you are fearing and all you are mourning for. I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time.


SauvignonBlanche Mon 30-Jun-14 19:54:36

Thank you again for the prayers, much appreciated. smile
My operation is next Monday. I've been weighed at pre-op so have stopped my diet and am enjoying a wine

DioneTheDiabolist Tue 01-Jul-14 01:32:34

I too have cried during hymns Sauvignon. You did not make a fool of yourself, but I think you are right to keep tissues at hand at all times at the moment. You have a lot on your plate.thanks

My prayers to you and your family.

ItHasANiceRingWhenYouLaugh Tue 01-Jul-14 13:20:04

SB, it is so tricky isn't it! I often cry, and often don't actually go to church because I know I'll cry and it will just be dreadful for me and those around me. I have prayed about it as it was getting to me so much.

Cried in a very small Bible study group this morning, really had to struggle to control myself. I don't want these events to turn into my personal therapy sessions so I just say, 'Oh, I'm a crier!'

BobbyGentry Tue 01-Jul-14 13:27:40

Hope everything goes well next week. Please don't worry about crying, only natural XxX

maras2 Tue 01-Jul-14 14:06:47

Hope all is well SB.If it's any, comfort I blub through all hymns.Not good as I'm in the choir. smile

SauvignonBlanche Tue 01-Jul-14 20:47:03

That must be tricky maras! smile

gingerdodger Thu 03-Jul-14 18:01:41

Hope you are doing OK Sauvignon Blanc, still thinking of you and hope you are getting some time to relax.

brunette123 Thu 03-Jul-14 18:05:07

I always cry at hymns during mass or at least feel myself well up - just reminds me of so many things, sad, happy, childhood, dreams that did not come true so you are definitely nbu.
Wishing you luck and love for next week and enjoy your wine!

maras2 Thu 03-Jul-14 18:50:02

Very tricky SB.Fortunately I'm well known and therefore tolerated.Some of the older nuns remember me from convent school when the Mass was in Latin and they tell me that I also cried over the beautiful words of the Tridentine Mass.I'm 61 so Goodness knows how old these nuns are. smile

ItHasANiceRingWhenYouLaugh Sun 06-Jul-14 20:03:54

Thinking of you tomorrow, SB. thanks

maras2 Sun 06-Jul-14 20:32:21

Oh me too SB.God bless.

mineofuselessinformation Sun 06-Jul-14 21:39:19

Would James 1:12 be of any comfort? Thinking of you (and have said a prayer toosmile).
All the best for tomorrow.

gingerdodger Sun 06-Jul-14 21:40:14

And me. God bless you and keep you through this time and always.

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