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charismatic church

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heyho1919 Tue 24-Jun-14 22:52:40

Does anyone know anything about this religion and whether or not it is a cult?

Helpys Tue 24-Jun-14 23:02:39

It's a term to describe lots of churches. Catholic, Pentecostal...
What do you know about it already? Is there a particular one? TBH I think any church can be unhealthy for certain people, although obviously some are more cultish than others. What's your concern?

deepbluetr Wed 25-Jun-14 07:06:25

My sister is a preacher at a charismatic church. IMO all religions are a cult anyway.

There is no "official" ruling on what contsitutes a cult.

heyho1919 Wed 25-Jun-14 09:17:50

I know very little. Just been chatting to a guy on a dating site and he said that he went to a "charismatic church". I'm not at all religious and had never heard of it.

niminypiminy Wed 25-Jun-14 09:38:33

Charismatic churches are Christian. There are charismatic churches in the Church of England and in the Roman Catholic church, as well as independent or free churches, Pentecostal churches and so on.

'Charismatic' can mean that people speak in tongues, pray for healing, prophecy. But it can also simply mean that they have loud, rock-based worship songs and very informal services. It's a big spectrum.

steppemum Wed 25-Jun-14 09:47:43

A charismatic church is one which is very lively, people raise their hands when singing, and shout out Amen etc. They tend to sing lots of songs, and don't have a formal order of service with set words to follow.
It is similar to a pentecostal church which is one type of church.

There are charismatic churches which are Anglican, Catholic, Baptist etc etc. They are not a cult. Some, can be a bit over the top. The opposite would probably be described as a traditional church, where there is a more traditional, stand up, sing a hymn, sit down type of service.

There is no ''official'' ruling on a cult, but cults do have similar patterns, they tend to be overly focussed on one person, then tend to try and tell their people what they can and can't do (in a controlling way) - eg what you do with your money, who you marry, they tend to be very controlling, and restrict people as to what they can read, don't encourage questions etc. There are some churches (charismatic and not) who tend in this direction, I think they aren't healthy and would avoid them.

I go to a charismatic church. Yes people have strong opinions, and believe certain things, but everyone is encouraged to question, to find things for themselves, to read whatever they want, to basically be a normal person, and make choices for themselves. There are plenty there who don't agree with all that is preached, so they will go and challenge the preacher, and that is normal.


heyho1919 Wed 25-Jun-14 11:30:51

Thanks so much for your responses smile This guy wants to meet up and i was just a bit wary as i knew nothing about his religo people. he knows that I'm not religious - i'm wondering if it could be an issue?! I've never been out with anyone who even goes to church occasionally!

Lookingforfocus Wed 25-Jun-14 22:35:28

The believers who describe themselves as Charismatic have a strong emphasis on the Holy Spirit, part of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). They look particularly at the book of Acts in the New Testament which describes the life of the early church and the miraculous moving of the Spirit. They look for the same signs and experiences in their faith life and Christian community such as deep conversions to God, miracles, healing and a very dynamic expression of faith. Originating in the Pentacostal churches early in the 20th century (Pentacost is when the Holy Spirit can down on the apostles and Mary in the Upper Room) this movement spread into almost all the main line churches including the Anglicans and Catholics. Pentacostalism is actually very compatible with Catholicism; both have a strong belief in miracles and the need for personal holiness, the supernatural world is very alive to Catholics it hasn't been abandoned for academic ideas or a dry faith. Catholics are always looking for God and the signs of God in everyday life.

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