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Are You an Atheist in a Religious Family?

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deepbluetr Mon 16-Jun-14 07:52:06

My family are deeply religious, I am atheist. Wondering how things work in other families. Does it cause conflict? Do you discuss faith or lack of? Is the whole subject ignored?

deepbluetr Mon 23-Jun-14 07:02:57

head- no power imbalace. In fact I see them as misguided little children, giving up the control over their lives and subjugating so easily to some religious organisation.

Talking is fruitless. I do however have a little fun and prick them in little ways- I give Easter eggs to the kids ( a big no-no) I send christmas cards with pictures of Santa Claus ( again a big taboo) I have little ornaments and pictures around my home which sacre the hell out of my sister.

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