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Explain baptism and first communion to a child

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Glenshee Mon 09-Jun-14 21:49:02

We are going to DD's friend's first communion soon and my DD (7) has already started asking questions. I think she will be considering whether she'd like to be baptized and take communion herself, so I would like to be able to explain what this would mean for her. She wasn't baptized as a baby because in our family we all believe in different things and we wanted her to make up her own mind when she's older (which she clearly has).


Spinaroo Mon 09-Jun-14 22:07:24

Baptism- being welcomed into the family of God.

Communion- receiving the body of Christ to allow us to feel closer to him whilst here on earth. ( I am RC so appreciate there will be other interpretations of communion). Sometimes children will refer to it as meeting with Jesus in communion.

Glenshee Mon 09-Jun-14 22:23:13

Thanks Spinaroo!

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