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For those into spirituality , meditation, synchronicity & much more.

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melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 09:11:10

There are so many more things we can talk about under this heading. So for those interested & those who arent sure , but would like to put there thoughts in to. I have started a discussion. Tell us what experiences you have had, whether it be on your own or with the help of a therapy or a reader (of all kinds) or whatever way it has come. Recommend books or therapies that have been transformative or have set light bulbs off !!! Or even that it freaks you out a bit!!

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 09:20:21

Come on girlies , I cant be the only one interested ??? Or is too early in the morning!!!!

papillon Wed 24-Mar-04 12:18:16

Too early in the morning I reckon... such a topic needs meditation and lots of navel dwelling.

Closest I get to that these days is when I gate crash the Spa Bar etc on Mumsnet.
When I really suffering a lack of sleep then I feel very ethereal

My favourite form of meditation at the moment is looking at the back of my eye lids

Just when I lie down for a nap she wakes up...

Much more...
I like to sing Ommmmm to my dd and if she will not sleep I talk like I am mediating her failing attempt at meditation... your eyes are getting very heavy... your body is vvveerrryyyy relaaaaxxed.. you are at one with the world. Sssshhhhhhhh

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 13:12:40

Very funny Papillon !!! Naval dwelling UUUMMM !!!

papillon Wed 24-Mar-04 13:14:29

I have a very deep navel

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 13:44:10

Nice !!!

papillon Wed 24-Mar-04 13:54:33

also my dd was a buddhist monk in a previous life so refuses to grow any hair!

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 13:56:13

Dont worry , "if you build it they will come" !!

papillon Wed 24-Mar-04 14:06:00

that sounds like a marketing term

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 14:15:59

PMSL Papillon
Especially the synchronicity, bloody baby radar got me just as I was about to top my sandwich with the second slice of bread, what fine tuning
Most spiritual I get is watchin Most Haunted on Living TV, it rocks and series 4 is about to start. Cannot wait

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:26:11

Its from a film.

Most haunted, dont like it , to creepy for my fragile mind at the mo!!

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:26:45

guess which one , kinda spiritual ish!!! Sort of.

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 14:28:00

Oooh I know it I know it let me think it Close Encounters?
Wayne's World 2!!!!

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:29:10

No ya cheeky moo

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 14:30:24

I really thought it was, are you sure, I'm not taking the P. Isn't that what Jim Morrison says to Wayne in his dream?
OK will think harder

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:30:47

Is anyone going to put anything proper on here <stomps about like bossy little school girl> !!!

Must guess the film first.

When are they going to add that film forum thingy. OOppps now Im digressing.

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:38:08

need some more clues , or has everyone gone due to bossyness???

spacemonkey Wed 24-Mar-04 14:48:45

Field of Dreams!

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:49:09

Youm lot arent being very spiritual today. Im getting the cold shoulder here.

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:49:40

Yeah spacemonkey , yeh yeh yipppee. helloooo

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:49:50

Spot on

papillon Wed 24-Mar-04 14:50:13

sorry just me again!

DD is enrolled at Hogwarths.

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:51:04

Hellooo , i thought i was all alone here

spacemonkey Wed 24-Mar-04 14:51:29

i've been into astrology for years but i don't like admitting it and can't stand new age ponciness

melsy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:53:27

What would new age ponciness be for you then spacemonkey.

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