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Please advise me-Holy communion

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katmat3 Sun 30-Mar-14 12:23:20

I am a long time reader of mumsnet and i extracted lots of information and good advice.
I have two dd's and in a two months time they will be having Holy communion. I still didn't buy dresses because the prices are (for my current situation) just extraordinary.
I was trying to find less expensive dresses but still ��� is to much for me.
Can you please advice me if you know any shop (they need to try them) in London that they are selling simple but classy dresses or if i can hire them just for a day.Or if someone is selling their second hand hc dress.
We are RC if it makes any difference and other parents are spending so much moneyand i don't want them to be or to feel different.
Thank you for any advice.

guccigirly Sun 30-Mar-14 12:33:49

Go to your local T K Maxx. There are two in my area and I have seen the most beautiful communion dresses that were originally over £100 each and are selling at £20-25 each. Call them first to check they have them in stock. Good luck !

Annunziata Sun 30-Mar-14 12:33:54

How about BHS? (I hope my link works.

And Marks and Spencers have lovely little white shoes, and frilly socks.

capsium Sun 30-Mar-14 14:42:58

Debenhams have some too

capsium Sun 30-Mar-14 14:46:34,default,pd.html

As dam but needs a little white cardigan perhaps?

capsium Sun 30-Mar-14 14:47:11

^Asda. Typo.

Whyjustwhy Sun 30-Mar-14 14:48:54

A quiet word with their teacher, or whoever is running the classes, and you may find that they are aware of a parishioner with an older daughter who would be willing to let you borrow a dress for the day.

gingerdodger Sun 30-Mar-14 15:55:47

Good idea to ask about, there are usually quite a few people willing to lend dresses or sell on. Some of the dresses in our group have been worn several times. Also worth shopping around. My daughter's was £30 in a sale in a bridal shop.

CorrieDale Sun 30-Mar-14 16:24:24

eBay? I love eBay! If you are handy with a needle then you could maybe make them? Or try Etsy or Folksy for handmade by someone else.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sun 30-Mar-14 20:53:48

Monsoon? I got dd's last year, whole outfit, frock, tights, shoes and headband for £70.

Ebay have the same dress for about £20 now, as it's last season's I suppose.

Or Debenhams, anywhere that does bridesmaid dresses really.

wigglesrock Mon 31-Mar-14 08:38:09

I know you want a shop but try Dunnes website. My dd made hers last year. I got her dress in a communion shop - but it was on sale. I had looked at TK Maxx, Debenhams, BHS. I got a plain white cardigan, white ankle socks & a pair of white shoes from H&M, although Tescos did great ones for about 5 pounds.

Do you have a St Vincent de Paul charity shop? They've loads of communion dresses atm.

katmat3 Fri 04-Apr-14 17:36:39

Sorry for not coming back earlier on- i just didn't have spare time...I am overwhelmed with so many lovely replies.
I went to local TK MAX and all dresses are small but beautiful.
I will look in Moonson,Debenham and BHS this weekend.
I need to also look for a bridal shops which i don't even know where to look for.
You were such a great help and support.
Also i will look for a charity shop if they are local...
Thank you so much

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