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Spiritual/Intuitive 'Gifts'

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IndigoBarbie Tue 04-Mar-14 21:00:30

Hi, I know you are all out there, hiding under your covers since you don't want to out yourselves - but - do you use your inner knowings/psychic/medical intuitive/mediumistic etc etc etc gifts in your everyday life?

In an undercover fashion, or do you let people in on what you can do? and, in what ways is your life enriched (or not...?) for doing so smile

atthestrokeoftwelve Wed 05-Mar-14 07:25:15

I think we all do, every day, especially as women and mothers.

Martorana Wed 05-Mar-14 07:31:24

I promise not to say anything else on this thread. But I just want to direct you to the James Randi Foundation, which will give you a million dollars if you can show them any psychic ability. I don't even want any of the money - although it would be nice if you gave me a cut!

atthestrokeoftwelve Wed 05-Mar-14 07:33:26

Matoraba- don't you have intuition?

Martorana Wed 05-Mar-14 07:50:33

Sorry, forgot to put in the link

IndigoBarbie Sat 08-Mar-14 20:35:51

Matoraba, you nc?? smile

atthestrokeof, Yes.

It's just that we often dismiss our gut reactions/feelings/inner knowings and don't embrace the natural skills we all have.

Sometimes they get hidden under the dramas of everyday life. But, it's good to observe what happens every time you don't follow your inner guidance.

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