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How can I make the Bible exiting?

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On World Book Day I have y5/6 and should be teaching RE. I can either do Christianity or Buddhism. I would love to do something which either makes the Bible interesting and fun rather than dreary (nothing as dreary as our old, dog-eared, black and white school set of Bibles) or find a really good Buddhist story that we could investigate. Any ideas? I will have them for four hours.

LEMmingaround Mon 10-Feb-14 17:53:52

Get them to act something out? Or take one of the good things that jesus did and get them yo say what they would do?

niminypiminy Mon 10-Feb-14 18:45:39

This is a church-based site, but it has loads of good ideas for making the Bible exciting, and although some are intended for use in church services, some could be adapted for use in class.

Some great ideas on this site; thank you.

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