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Talk me through your religious service..

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WingedPig Thu 30-Jan-14 18:37:31

I'm Anglo Catholic, this is how we do it:

We have an entrance hymn while the choir, servers and deacons walk down the aisle.
We then do some call & response with the priest
We then confess our sins
Then we sing Kyrie/Christe Elesion
The Priest then speaks & we respond
We then sing Gloria in Excelsis Deo
We pray
Liturgy of the word -
Old Testament reading
The Espistle
The Gospel (with incense, read in the centre of the aisle
The sermon
The Nicene creed
Liturgy of the sacraments -
The peace
The Eucharist prayer (call & response, sung)
The Lord's Prayer (sung)
The breaking of the bread
Agnus Dei (sung)
The Communion
Final Hymn

Ninehoursahead Sun 09-Feb-14 11:26:24

Anglican in Sydney, ours is pretty evangelical
Start with 2-3 songs, we have a music minister so quite "rocky"
G'day time, where we speak to someone around us who we don't know, kids go out to kids church/crèche during this
Prayers, followed by bible reading
Sermon for approx 30 mins
We have communion once a month at this point
1-2 more songs
Dinner in function room (we go to 5pm service, so this works for us!)

The 10am and 6.30 services are similar (6.30 doesn't have kids) but our 8am is pretty traditional and similar to the church I grew up in in England.

careeristbitchnigel Sat 07-Jun-14 23:45:02

Church of England

Hello everyone welcome
Bible Reading
Take daughter into creche which is really an excuse to catch up with the other mums over a coffee while service is piped through speaker which we may turn down to prevent gossip interruption,
Gospel reading
Sermon maximum 20 minutes, topical and practical
Intercessions and peace
Communion which is when we return from side room caffeinated. Sunday school come back in at this point
"Fun" song suitable for children
Coffee and socialising in side room

HappyPentecost Sun 08-Jun-14 09:12:41

Vineyard Church
Doughnuts, croissants & coffee, etc. as we fellowship for half an hour or so before service time.
Worship (about 30 mins)
Teaching (Bible based - about 30-40 mins)

weegiemum Sun 08-Jun-14 09:25:26

Small "community church" - member of the Baptist Union of Scotland.

Diverse congregation from 3-4 continents, very relaxed wrt timekeeping, clothing, wandering about etc ..

Sit round wee tables "cafe style" rather than pews/rows etc. Tea/Coffee/juice/biscuits are help- yourself at any time.

We officially start at 11, but in practice it's 11.10-11.30 while folk arrive, talk etc.

About 5-6 worship songs, usually modern (we have a band with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, bongos and singers)
Notices, also pray for things people ask about, and anyone of any age who has a birthday that week.
Children's songs - usually 3 action songs.
Children leave for Sunday School
Sermon/talk/discussion/small groups activities. About 75% of the time led by the pastor! but others take turns.
Couple of songs to finish service
Then every week we have lunch - soup or stew or casserole or something, served with bread, salad, cake etc. never miss a week of this. Everyone mingles and joins in, including the children.

On a "full" Sunday there will be 40 people there. More usually about 30. It's very friendly and open. We love it (moved from a church with 4-500 members) and we've made some real friends.

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