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Astral projection

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NurseyWursey Thu 10-Apr-14 16:23:13

I have lucid dreams all the time, but I don't link that to astral projection.

Pointeshoes Thu 10-Apr-14 16:20:05

That sounds so amazing hippppy

hippppy Tue 25-Mar-14 07:16:16

Sometimes I also get a false awakenings.. Especially if I have been traveling a lot.

These are weird.. I will get up out of bed and be doing the normal morning routine only to spot something.. Normally the kitchen clock spinning around fast.. Then I realise I am dreaming..

And you can go back up to your room and see yourself sleeping in bed..

This normally jolts you awake!! Haha

I do recomend the book above in my last post.. Will have you lucid dreaming in no time.. Especially if you want to. Lost of tips on there smile

hippppy Tue 25-Mar-14 06:55:46

I used to suffer with sleep paralysis and all sorts of bumps in the night. It actually felt as if I was dying on occations!

Then by accident I decided to just ride it. Let the sleep paralysis kick in. I feel my body fall asleep, I get an almost painful buzzing in my ears (my ears shutting down for the night) and when I know I'm asleep I roll out of my body.! Or at least that's how it feels.. And these dreams differ from my other lucid dreams. They feel more real.

I often see an owl on my window ledge and it leads me to all sorts of places.. The pyramids, other planets and space, deep into the sea! Really crazy stuff!!

My tip is, try not to panic and understand that when you feel sleep paralysis kick in your half way there. If you feel stuck, try wiggling a finger or toe and the. A hand.. And you will soon be out..

Or if you want to prolong your dream, rub your hands together!!

I deliberately put myself into sleep paralysis through meditation in bed, lying on my back and just keeping my mind awake..

Was flying about last night!

There is quite a lot of info on line, Simon laburgue ( I think that's his name) has a good book on lucid dreaming..

Astral travel? Don't know.. But I was once looking down on earth and I became everything.. The most intense dream I have ever had.. Certainly feels real!

IndigoBarbie Sat 08-Feb-14 10:05:39

Just enjoy yourself and above all, you are accessing your true natural state-enjoy smile x

BellaDesconocida Mon 03-Feb-14 21:56:15

Thank you lauren and indigobarbie - sounds like I need to be prepared, I feel a bit like what I'd imagine a naive gap year student feels, all "this will be great!" and no real thought to any pitfalls.

IndigoBarbie Mon 27-Jan-14 20:29:55

Bella in my experience, we are made of energy (soul etc) so therefore we hold many different vibrational particles in our energy systems.

IF we attempt to project from our physical body and we hold some kind of fear in our life - then this fear could potentially be used by astral entities to attach onto your own energy. Ever felt overly tired for no reason? Bad moods perhaps, wanted to overindulge in certain activities?

Think of the sensation you get in your physical body when someone gives you a fright, or you feel scared/fear etc. More often than not, it's some kind of either knot/intense pain - or a jump from your tummy feeling. Like you've been jolted somehow. So, imagine then that this fear (and the physical sensation itself) is an actual vibration of it's own - that can be seen in your aura. It vibrates at a different rate than, for example, LOVE energy. Pure love energy is a beautiful high frequency - but who can say with all conviction that they completely love themselves and don't have self-limiting or berating thoughts running through their minds all day (carries a lower heavier frequency in the body). Heck, the energies of people around you could even be attaching on and bringing you down (often unbeknowns to the person affected).

Our human energy 'bodies' information is not something that's discussed widely in the public outwith spiritual-speak. It's learning how to take care of your own to ensure that when you do want to go astral - you don't get any surprises that you weren't expecting. Knowledge=power, and it's better to be aware of what might happen than not know how to deal with or face up to something when confronted with it....HTH without going too deep.

lauren222 Sun 26-Jan-14 20:59:32

I found Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce to be an interesting read.

Loobingler Sun 26-Jan-14 17:45:19

I get sleep paralysis and have come out of my body a few times. I also have lucid dreams and dreams where I am flying. I would second the book by Robert Monroe, I've never intentionally tried to astrally project (project astrally?!), it was more something I picked up while trying to understand my sleep paralysis.

BellaDesconocida Mon 20-Jan-14 13:51:25

I had a lucid dream last night! I was in a town by the sea, I think I know which one, and when I realised I was dreaming and thought I would fly - I actually thought to myself "I hope it doesn't go wrong like the mumsnetter who ends up peddling along" - I flew successfully & loved looking at gardens from high up, there was a very pretty one - small but with decorative stone features that looked like giant coins. I meant to try & meet my mum (deceased) but I wasted time, I thought "I'll go in a minute, I just want to fly for a bit first" & then dd2 woke me up. I wasted it.
That's 2 lucid dreams within a fortnight though so fingers crossed I won't have long to wait for another.

I realise willing myself to meet someone in a dream isn't the same as astral projecting, I've gone off on a little tangent.

BellaDesconocida Fri 17-Jan-14 22:30:35

Thanks IB! When you say fear energies can be exploited, what do you mean, exploited by whom?

I was going to suggest sleep paralysis too, 50.

That sounds sooo frustrating calamity (but also very funny).

CalamityKate Wed 15-Jan-14 23:40:39

Oddsocks - google sleep paralysis.

I lucid dream and you're meant to be able to control events in them but mine always go wrong.

I often dream I'm riding a really beautiful horse and it's all lovely but as soon as I realise I'm dreaming it starts to shrink. I try desperately to stop it happening (I've been known to actually say aloud in my dream, crossly "FFS this is MY dream! I'm supposed to be in charge!") but no matter how hard I try it just keeps getting smaller and smaller until it's the size of a large dog and I'm sort of pedalling it along hmm

Very disappointing.

50OddSocksNoMatchingPair Wed 15-Jan-14 23:29:49

So out of interest, do I experience astral projection or have nightmares?
For many years, if I'm having trouble sleeping in the night or if I nap in the daytime, and I fall asleep on my back I have these awful dreams. I'm aware that I'm in bed. I can't move my body or open my eyes. In daytime, I can see light through my eyelids. I feel like I'm not alone and that someone /something is watching me. I panic, really panic, and try to wake myself up and I'm inside my body trying to get out. I can't do it and so try. harder and harder and realise that breathing is also difficult. Then I finally fall out of my body with a big tumbling fall. Sometimes I wake up then. Other times my dreams change and I'm flying and feel free and happy.

Its not something. I'd want to encourage, it's quite a frightening dream!

IndigoBarbie Wed 15-Jan-14 20:51:28

Ourvye, I dont think I have actually experienced a lucid such...Lots of my dreams are prophetic, some personal events, some worldly. I'm not sure I've been aware that I am dreaming whilst I am in the dream.

However, if I am in a space of having just become aware that I am awake, and then start drifting off again, I feel myself being drawn upwards and can sometimes be aware of myself being in another location at the same time as being in my physical body. I know that I can send my soul energy out across the universe, but I wouldn't term this as astral travel since I don't travel anywhere and am still rooted inside my physical.

I've had several instances of flying and the most recent time I was very close to where I grew up, and my flying power was amazing. When I realised I was actually flying up again, I could go where I wanted to..This would be astral I believe. More spontaneous rather than me requesting to actively achieve it. There were two male energies watching me though, and I knew I had to shield my energies from them.

Bella, It's easier when you are super safe and relaxed and I would also say that you have to be in a place of not being scared, one iota. Fear energy can be easily magnified and exploited, thus, once you are comfortable and safe then it might be easier to attempt.

Good Luck and stay safe, with love IB xx

ouryve Sun 12-Jan-14 20:58:59

I don't go "travelling". That's all rather too woo for me to give it that label. I can control what I do when I lucid dream, but not what anyone or anything around me, in the dream, does. Those particular dreams are often disturbingly surreal and the level of control I have is being able to say "hang on, this is a dream, I don't have to put up with this" and move away from a situation I don't feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over the situation I move into. Hence the exhaustion.

BellaDesconocida Sun 12-Jan-14 15:27:00


indigo, ourvye, I'd like to because it sounds amazing. To potentially leave my body and be free, to feel as if I'm flying, that's what I hope to gain - I think it would bring a new perspective of reality.

Thanks Jackie0, I will look into it!

BellaDesconocida Sun 12-Jan-14 15:23:52


Jackie0 Sun 12-Jan-14 11:04:31

Robert Monroe
Robert Allan Monroe, also known as Bob Monroe, was a radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness and founding The Monroe Institute. Wikipedia
Born: October 30, 1915, Indiana, United States
Died: March 17, 1995
Education: Ohio State University
Spouse: Mary Ashworth (m. 1950–1968), Jeanette Monroe (m. 1937–1939)
Children: Laurie Monroe

Ultimate Journey

Far Journeys

Journeys Out of the Body
Read Robert Monroe's work , it's very interesting. Also check out YouTube , there are some "binaural beats " videos as well as instructional videos that you might find helpful.
Its a subject I find totally fascinating.
Good luck grin

IndigoBarbie Sat 11-Jan-14 23:53:23

Ourvye, ime you can control your nighttime out of body activity by setting the intention to remain firmly inside your physical and not go travelling..... It can assist with any tiredness. Else, ask your guides to help you rebalance your energy so that your physical body is not so affected.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 11-Jan-14 23:50:04

Flashback! Have only heard of astral projection once since I tried as a teenager, and iirc that was another MN thread. You want the works of T(uesday) Lobsang Rampa, who also covers lucid dreaming.

ouryve Sat 11-Jan-14 23:47:06

What do you hope to gain from it?

I lucid dream sometimes and it actually freaks me out for the next few days and i feel tired and drained. All it is is a situation when you're in a dreaming sleep but partly awake. I actually wish I didn't do it because I'd like to be able to sleep for longer without it happening.

IndigoBarbie Sat 11-Jan-14 23:41:43

Why do you want to project? I'm serious about my question.

BellaDesconocida Fri 10-Jan-14 21:43:04

Has anyone had any success with astral projecting? Would you mind sharing what you do?

Many years ago a colleague mentioned it and I was blown away, I felt as if I'd been told that magic was real. I've tried to project through lucid dreaming, but without success.

Once I felt all swirly but stayed within the dream, another time I tried to get out of the dream but ended up kind of peeling the dream aside only to find a grey wall behind it.
It's not as if I manage to lucid dream often & feel I'm wasting these few opportunities!

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