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What would Christmas mean to you if you didn t have your faith?

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sunnyspot Tue 17-Dec-13 17:43:29

Just that really.
I was pondering what I love most about Christmas.
Having fun talking, sharing meals and playing games with family and friends of course, but the highlight is always our candlelit carol service and my faith in God.
Take any of those away and I really don t think I would enjoy it at all..

Elizabeth1960 Mon 06-Jan-14 17:21:26

I use to celebrate christmas many years ago, and I understand why people love the warmth and glow of it all, but since learning that xmas was celebrated before Christs birth and that it is a pagan festival adopted by the church to entice the pagans, I no longer celebrate it. When I see the greed, dept and and loneliness associated with it, yet I understand how it brings a moment of happiness in the cold of winter.

So do you go to church on Christmas Day then and ignore the feasting and present giving bit?

I've just taken my tree down, 12th Night and all, and the house does look very bare.

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