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Which activities does your church have aimed at 8-14yr olds?

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CaterpillarCara Sat 28-Dec-13 16:47:48

A monthly youth group (art, games, etc) - 7 - 11 year olds
A monthly cookery club - 10 years +

HoneyandRum Sat 28-Dec-13 16:46:24

3bunnies when I lived in the USA a very popular program there for many Catholic parishes was Life Teen for 15+ age group and The Edge for 10-14 year olds. If you google The Edge Catholic you will find lots of resources, ideas and support for working with this age group. They recognize that young teens are in another culture than we grew up in. It's important to understand the youth culture they are part of so that you can relate faith to their current experiences. In my parish the Edge group met on Sunday evening after the 5pm mass in which the older teenagers were involved as readers, greeters, musicians etc.

These ministries ran through the school year with a break during the holidays (although they sometimes had events in the holidays). This model would first create a team of adults who would minister to the group through one year. Parents were also encouraged to be involved in various ways.

I don't know the denomination you are part of and it's sounds like you are starting out small and in response to the need in your church. However, The Edge may have plenty of overlap and ideas for working with this age group so you do not need to reinvent the wheel. My understanding is it is called The Edge because they are on the edge of childhood and young adulthood as young teens.

I'd be very interested to hear how it goes and what you find works and what doesn't.

Housemum Sat 28-Dec-13 13:50:40

DD too young at the mo so don't know what they do, but a local church has Pizza, Ponder & Prayer for school years 7-9 (think it's a sort of youth club/chat session with occasional activities)

inkyfingers Tue 24-Dec-13 22:36:55

We have a Sunday school gps (not called that tho) Sunday mornings from 2-18. Once a month the 14-18 have a meal and go together to the evening service which is fairly youth friendly. Also midweek things for 11-14 and 14-18.

3bunnies Wed 18-Dec-13 13:15:21

Hi golddigger we are starting with some Christmas and then Easter craft and maybe a family picnic in the summer. With some theological input, craft and snacks. Would be good to have some more ideas too if anyone else works in this area. Might try to work up to the games, discussion and food thing as a more regular activity. Interesting that you do it on a Sunday afternoon, that might work. They are supposed to be in main service from 8+ so can't do Sunday mornings.

Golddigger Sat 14-Dec-13 13:04:04

Just want to bump really, in case there are other ideas.
I want to set up something,maybe for this age group, but am unsure what precisely. I am out of ideas, and running out of enthusiasm[did try to set up a younger sort of normal ss set up but it didnt catch on]
Doesnt help that I now have virtually no help. There was a young girl that would have helped but she has moved away. Do have very old ladies, one or two may lend a hand, but that is it.

bellsringingoutforMadHairDay Mon 09-Dec-13 16:47:27

We have groups all the way through to 18 but the 14-18s group is on an evening for the same reason green cites fgrin

for 8-11s there is Explorers which is just the continuation of sunday school, and for 12-14 there is Pathfinders who meet on a sunday morning, generally drink hot chocolate, eat cakes and discuss the world and philosophy, often looking at a bible passage (they've been looking at genesis this month) and they also meet on a Friday for 'club night' which is mainly table tennis and mayhem if DDs description is anything to go by. She loves it, the morning one gives her a chance to discuss and question and learn and the club night is fun and social.

We have tended to run stuff Sunday afternoon/evening for the 10-14 age group as they struggle to get out of bed first thing on a Sunday so better to have something when they are awake! It tends to be based around games and discussions and food.

My current church doesn't have any youth provision on a Sunday morning but we do have a number of teenagers who come and do jobs. We have teams of young servers at the eucharist and helpers on the audio desk. These are real jobs and very much appreciated.

I know of churches running messy church in schools and churches and the teenagers are part of planning and running it.

confuddledDOTcom Mon 09-Dec-13 01:03:19

My girls go to Girl's Brigade, which is not at the same church we attend but it is a Christian organisation. Our church has youth groups aimed at different ages. I've never been along and my children aren't old enough yet so I'm not sure what goes on. I think it's some form of teaching and lots of fun.

3bunnies Sun 08-Dec-13 22:01:14

Trying to get some ideas together to develop this area in the church and wondering what your church offers? There are guides and beavers but these groups aren't necessarily the same as the families who attend church. Other than this there is nothing beyond the main service for this age group. What else has worked/not worked. Planning it as initially for those already attending church.

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