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A new Christian prayer thread for Autumn and Advent... All welcome!

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Tuo Wed 06-Nov-13 00:03:58

Starting a new thread as we head from Autumn into Winter... This is a safe and supportive place of prayer, where regulars, occasional visitors and lurkers, committed Christians and those just dipping a toe into the water are all equally welcome. Come and leave a prayer, tell us what’s going on in your life, bring your worries, hopes, fears and joys to God, and know that you will be prayed for.

We pray, in particular, for...

... amberlight, for her work raising awareness of autism in churches, and for her to know love and acceptance wherever she goes;

... Badvoc and her family, as they grieve the loss of her dad; we pray too for her aunt, who’s very ill, and for all those affected by the death of Badvoc’s uncle who was estranged from the rest of the family;

... BlackEyedSusan, for all the many things which she has to juggle in her life as a single parent; in particular, we pray for her mum's health and for BES to know how best to help and support her, for strength to deal with her DS’s meltdowns, and for both her DC to receive the support that they need at school;

... Bluetinkerbell, in her new job and as she explores her vocation;

... bountyicecream, who is in a very difficult relationship situation and needs our prayers – may she find strength and support and self-belief;

... CharlotteCollinsisinherownplace, giving thanks that she has had the strength to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship, and praying for a happy future for her and for her DC;

... cloutiedumpling, thanking God that her DS doesn’t need surgery, and praying for his continued good health;

... Don'tsteponthemomeraths, for her niece, little Grace, born prematurely – may she continue to grow in strength; also for Mome’s health, and in particular her persistent headaches – may they turn out to be easily treatable; and for Mome’s DS to receive the support he needs at school;

... DutchOma and Bob, for health for Bob and for good support (moral and practical) for Oma as she cares for him day by day; for Oma’s eyes – giving thanks for good sight in the one already treated, and praying for the one still to be done;

... EasyCompadre, for a healthy pregnancy, and for the strength to do what she needs to do for her business while waiting to meet her baby;

... fluffyduckie, that her terminally ill relative is well looked-after and as well as is possible in the circumstances, without too much pain; and that fluffy find a church where she feels comfortable and where she finds a supportive community to sustain her faith;

... FriendOfDorothy, grieving for the loss of her mum – may she know love and support at this difficult time;

... Gingercurl, for the successful completion and examination of her thesis; for strength and discernment for A; for Ginger’s nephew, who has health concerns and is suffering bullying – may he know health and strength and love; and for Ginger’s MIL who has been diagnosed with cancer;

... HadALittleFaith, for her to feel happier now that she has been prescribed anti-depressants; for rest and peace of mind; and for her to find a church where she feels comfortable and welcomed;

... JugglingFromHereToThere, for a job which interests and fulfils her, and for peace and love in her immediate and broader family;

... Kaykat, as she continues to deal with the breakdown of her marriage, giving thanks for the support she has already received and the strength which she has found, and praying that she is soon settled in her own home with her DS;

... LollipopViolet, as she mourns her grandad, and as she explores her faith;

... MadHairDay, for health as she lives with chronic illness - may she be well enough to spend this Christmas at home with her family and not in hospital; praying too for health and love and friendship for MHD’s DD;

... MaryBS, for her work as a Reader, for her DS, and for her friend who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer;

... niminypiminy, as she begins ordination training; and praying also for her mum’s health, following a recent fall;

... PositiveAttitude and her family; in particular for her parents’ health and for PA and her sister as they take care of them; for her DD1, thanking God that her depression has lifted and that she is enjoying university, and praying for a job for her; for her DD3 who is pregnant, due in February – may she have a trouble-free pregnancy and birth and may she know the joy of being a mother; praying also for PA as her DD3’s pregnancy brings to her mind her DD, Emma, sadly born too soon; and for her DS who is struggling with settling back in the UK, for his studies and for a job for him; and finally praying for PA’s DH and DD4 in Cambodia – may they stay safe and well;

... RoomForALittleOne, for the whole family as her DH embarks on an exciting new curacy placement;

... tunnocksteacake and family, as they cope with Mr Tunnocks’ illness; and

... youretoastmildred, for her friend, R, for a swift recovery from her operation.

We pray also for more occasional visitors and those we haven’t seen for a while: for BoxOfDelights, for thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts, for JakeBullet, for jan and her DD, for notquiteagrownup, for SES, for Soozi, and for weegiemum. And we pray for those who read and pray but don’t post, for those who need our prayers but are afraid or too uncertain to post them, and for all those known to us in our own lives who need God’s love.

Calm us, O Lord, as You stilled the storm.
Still us, O Lord, keep us from harm.
Let all the tumult within us cease.
Enfold us, Lord, in Your peace. Amen

Hi trish - tis a very nice place to pop into - these people have a great gift for encouragement I think! Would you like to share my cuppa brew - well, you can even have your own if you like brew

As I say to the DC "Don't say I don't do nothing for ya" grin

Shock horror I've done my application form for pre-school round the corner this afternoon, and am just off to drop it off. Send it with a prayer ? thanks
Thanks all x

Will be able to enjoy quiet morning at our Meeting House with friends tomorrow guilt free - that was one of my incentives smile

madhairday Thu 07-Nov-13 15:45:33

Juggling that sounds exciting, certainly saying a prayer.

Trish - welcome....I think I know who you are but not completely sure grin - great to see you smile

Welcome Ruby - lovely to have you join us, sorry to hear of what you have been through.

trish, no not in hospital thank goodness, just don't want a third Christmas in so doing all I can not to...doesn't quite work that way but I can hope!!

trish5000 Thu 07-Nov-13 16:08:57

I will share your cuppa, thanks Juggling.
mad, we talked quite a lot about a year ago, but dont want to say more than that. Thanks for the welcome.

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Thu 07-Nov-13 16:34:25

mad thank you for the welcome and Christmas in hospital sounds very grim indeed so I really hope you can avoid that this year smile

juggling all the best for your application

Thanks Ruby - I really hope I dropped it off at the right house - I got a bit nervous whether I'd got the address right after I'd sealed the envelope blush

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Thu 07-Nov-13 17:32:27

I'm sure you did smile I'm the same, sometimes have to reopen envelopes to check I've put the right name etc blush

PandaG Thu 07-Nov-13 17:53:32

Fab, a new thread - Thanks Tuo smile I do read and pray through from time to time, but haven't posted for ages.

Please could you pray for me? My mum is in hospital with a lung infection 'gunk' in the pleural cavity. As she only has 1 and a bit lungs to begin with, and scleroderma which is affecting her good lung, she is really poorly. She has lost a heck of a lot of weight, has had blood transfusions due to anaemia, IV fluids as she was badly dehydrated, and is currently on oxygen and IV antib's, waiting for a culture of the infection to grow. I spent all last week staying with my dad, visiting my mum in hospital and cooking to fill Dad's freezer for easy meals for him when he gets homew from visiting, and hopefully for my mum when she comes home.

Mum is going very slowly in the right direction - we too are praying she will be home for Christmas, but the consultant has warned us it may be months. I am utterly knackered, very selfishly had been looking forward to a break at half term yet have not had one at all.

Have lots of other plates to spin currently too, but to top it all DS had an exchange student arrive last night for 10 days. He is occupied every school day, but only a couple of evenings, and not at all at the weekend. Thankfully his English is significantly better than our German, and so far so good, but it is very tiring looking after him...

whinge, whinge, whinge. Sorry blush.

trish5000 Thu 07-Nov-13 18:18:09

You whinge PandaG.
fwiw, I have a relative with only one lung, so I understand how poorly she is likely to be feeling. Will pray.
<hope it is all right with the usual people on this thread,that I have commented?>

madhairday Thu 07-Nov-13 19:01:21

Oh Panda, definite prayers and love for you and your mum. Pleural infections are particularly nasty and painful sad Praying for you and your dad in all this too. thanks

Of course it's great you are commenting trish! Everyone welcome here smile (and yes I remember you) wink

Dutchoma Thu 07-Nov-13 19:55:56

Oh Panda another one from the dim and distant past like Weegie how wonderful to see both of you on the same day.
Prayers for your mum and for you and your dad and all the family too.
And yes, as MHD says Trish of course you are very welcome to comment and to pray and to be part of this wonderfully supportive group.
I'm praying now that you will not be in hospital over Christmas MHD.

Dutchoma Thu 07-Nov-13 20:40:47

Praying tonight for Tunnocksteacake who has had more bad news today. As she says "it never rains..."

BlackeyedSusan Thu 07-Nov-13 22:53:22

actually, I would not recommend a seat at the back. thaat is where i sit with ds and you may be hit by the odd flying welly. perhps you should bring crash helmet for safety.

another melt down today. he was in the strait jacket grip faster than greased lightening today so only a couple of kicks met their mark and I managed to stay out of range of the teeth that were snapping at my hands.

ahh trish, it makes a change from me whinging on.... people will think of you as a blessed relief!

sent it on its way with a prayer juggling.

I haave finally got through to my mother on the phone and she is a little more normal. I am still washed out though.

jacquelinemccafferty Thu 07-Nov-13 23:30:37

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Tuo Fri 08-Nov-13 00:16:49

Wonderful to see some new faces on the thread, and also some oldies returning. All are welcome - and very welcome to join in and post and just enjoy being part of this very supportive group.

Praying for all tonight, especially those with health worries, the sleep-deprived, those worried about their DC, those with difficult relationships in their lives, those exploring or returning to faith, and for all of us, with all our different hopes and needs.

I'm off abroad to another work conference very early tomorrow (aargh - 6 hours from now I'll be on the train!) so must go to bed.

Ah, can you read this on the train Tuo ?
Thinking of you for your trip.

What a lovely list for prayer in your last post x

Dutchoma Fri 08-Nov-13 08:54:17

jacqueline you are most welcome. Come right in. All the best people always sit at the back, but wherever you are you will always be in the centre of our thoughts.
Happy travel to TUO.

PandaG Fri 08-Nov-13 15:25:36

Praying for all, and thanks for teh welcome back smile

amberlight Fri 08-Nov-13 22:03:16

Praying quietly

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Nov-13 08:11:44

Praying through. Welcome to all the new posters and welcome back to old friends.

I've posted a thread in sleep because I can't cope anymore. I'm sure that prayer is the best option though smile

BlackeyedSusan Sat 09-Nov-13 11:47:08

morning. just checking in. home this weekend and have an h free day too.

cloutiedumpling Sat 09-Nov-13 14:08:35

Struggling a bit with something today that could impact on our whole family. Why is it that the words "Thy will be done" are sometimes the hardest words in the world to say?

Dutchoma Sat 09-Nov-13 14:13:32

Praying cloutie and for BES too, for a productive day and an opportunity to enjoy time with the children.

Praying room x

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Nov-13 20:27:45

Thanks Mome. I'm considering giving DD3 a bottle (of formula) at bedtime to see if that helps and could give me a bit of a break. I'm not sure if I want to though. She's been EBF for 18.5 weeks so far.

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Nov-13 20:28:14

How was your day BES?

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