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spirit in my house frightening my DD...

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hollowhallows Mon 21-Oct-13 03:41:05

I have NC for this.

OK, I know some people are going to think I am a crank, but here goes...

I have been aware of a spirit/s in my house since I moved in. In my family we are thought to have 'the sight' and it has been very real to me from the experiences I had growing up and experiences I continue to have. I'm not talking miracles or talking to the other side, just an ability to sense what others cannot, such as aura and spirits etc...

Because I was aware of spirits myself as a child from my own experiences, I was always aware that my children could experience the same thing. I have dealt with having 'the sight' (I don't know what else to call it, I know 'the sight' sounds cheesy) and as I have grown older it has bothered me less and I fear the things I sense a lot less. I hope this is all making sense, I usually keep this to myself blush

Well now my DD has started to very obviously see something that is frightening her. It is starting to become more frequent and is really upsetting her. It is always in the same place in the lounge and she runs over to me upset, crying and pointing towards whatever it is she can see. She tries to tell me but her speech isn't good enough yet, but her actions and feelings are very clear. Tonight she was so upset by whatever it was that she started crying and covering her eyes so she couldn't see it. I tried to encourage her to show me what it was that was upsetting her in case it wasn't what I thought, but she refuses to even venture to that side of the lounge when this happens. This has been going on for about 6 months but is now becoming more obvious.

I am not religious, I am not overly superstitious, but this is the one thing I genuinely believe in because I have experienced it myself. I have read stories by other MN's about their children telling them they had seen peculiar things so I'm hoping to get some input on how to handle this (and not be mocked in the process). When I sense something myself, I just ignore it. I'm not sure how to handle my DD possibly seeing things that are upsetting her.

Spidermama Mon 21-Oct-13 05:46:09

Could you go to the place she fears and do some sort of symbolic cleansing ritual. Maybe sprinkle glitter there or use smudge sticks. (These are fragrant bunches of dried stuff which you light- like incense- waft around the area you want to cleanse or purify, and open windows for the smoke to drift away carrying with it any bad energy.
There are people in Dh's family who are as to sense and see these things so I don't think you're mad but I understand your fear that others will.

technodad Mon 21-Oct-13 07:12:54

There are no such things as ghosts. Rather than encouraging her to think she is seeing is spooky things, by having a ceremony with smoke (making it all seem more real to her), simply stay calm and comfort your DC and tell her there is nothing there.

She will soon grow out of it, as long as her fears and superstitions are not reinforced.

She may be pointing at a spider on the wall for all you know.

thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts Mon 21-Oct-13 07:52:22

You may need a two pronged approach here. First - reassure and do whatever ritual you can do with integrity to reassure your child that you are in control and that nothing bad is happening. As a Christian I just prayed and made the sign of the cross when one of mine got upset about ghosts in his room. With hindsight the 'mummy being in control' was more important than the ritual.

Second - do some gentle digging around into what is going on in her life. In the vast majority of cases there is some change or upset that is being expresses, whether that is being seen or felt or heard in 'ghostie' language.

gamerchick Mon 21-Oct-13 08:06:46

Or you could not dismiss her just because other people don't believe.

I have them.. One was making a particular pest of itself and ignoring it completely was the only thing that worked.

Tell it to go away please as it's scaring the bairn in a firm voice and it might move on. Or get somebody in to chase it.

Or simply saying hello you're welcome might be enough for it to leave.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 21-Oct-13 10:52:41

I agree with the other posters who suggest that you take control. Use her faith in you to combat her fear of it.

BackOnlyBriefly Mon 21-Oct-13 11:01:03

Has anyone else reported this behaviour when you have been out of the room? If it was that obvious they'd have said something yes?

hollowhallows Mon 21-Oct-13 14:50:16

Thank you for the replies, I am out now so haven't had time to read through properly but will do so this evening.

Very happy for the non-mocking replies smile

SecretWitch Mon 21-Oct-13 14:55:07

Hollow, you can tell the spirit very firmly to leave your house, it is not welcome there and cannot stay. You can also try a simple cleansing ritual of smudging your house with sage to remove any negative activity.

hollowhallows Tue 22-Oct-13 03:59:03

Thank you everyone for your input.

Today we were out all day till bedtime so no incidents.

technodad I appreciate your point of view but disagree. I noticed this behaviour began roughly 6 months ago, and have not taken any action over it, so as not to jump to conclusions over what has been going on. My DD doesn't fear insects and I know this for a fact as I personally made sure to teach her that they are lovely little creatures. Her reaction to a spider would have been "oh wow!", as opposed to shrieks of fear and covering her eyes.

To everyone else:

When it comes to engaging her in a symbolic cleansing ritual, I am apprehensive to do anything that might highlight to her more, the unusual nature of what she may be seeing/sensing.

I knew that this presence was here from the moment I moved in but it has not bothered me that much. Briefly It has been confirmed to me by two immediate family members noticing it and talking to me about the presence without me having ever mentioned it to them. The details about the presence that these family members noticed are completely identical to what I have noticed. For example, they both pinpointed the same places in the house that I have pinpointed too. One of my siblings was here on an occasion when my DD 'reacted' and brought it up too. I have been ignoring the presence as I feel this is usually a good way to get it to 'go away' just like you have suggested gamerchick, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Can I ask what your experience has been?

After last night I have started telling it to leave my DD alone as it is scaring her but I am not sure if this has worked. I have done the same thing today but still feel it around. I spoke to one of the family members who felt it too and they suspect it may be a child and trying to play with my DD. If that is the case then it may not leave as it won't understand. I will keep trying this firm approach and see if she has another incident like yesterday night.

roundabouts I have been keeping an eye on her to see if her behaviour is down to something else and will continue to do so.

Thank you all again!

technodad Tue 22-Oct-13 08:16:34

I am only replying to try and help here, so please do not take this the wrong way.

I don't know how, with absolutely no evidence, you can jump to the conclusion that it is possible another child from another dimension trying to play with her.

I can almost understand how you might try to explain this unusual occurrence by saying "it is a ghost", because there is no obvious cause that you can see. I don't agree with this way of dealing with the unknown, but I understand why the human brain does it. Our brains have evolved to spot patterns (where there often are none) and be wary of the unknown, as a protection mechanism to stop us investigating dark caves etc - those of us who did explore the dark cage got eaten by a bear and didn't pass on their genetic material to children.

However, I cannot understand how you accept such an unprovable theory about a ghost child without further critique.

If is far far far more likely that your child is worried about something "of this world", and I highly recommend you concentrate on what that might be, than your current course of action.

Maybe she has acute ear pain problems which suddenly cause her to experience distressing pain. Perhaps there is something going on in her life that is distressing her and something in that location triggers a memory. There are so many possibilities that should be explored before venturing beyond the world we can see.

I hope you take this message as me trying to help, in support of your DCs welfare.


gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 10:18:29

When we had the flat we had a naughty thong we called Henry.. things would go missing.. pictures would come off the wall a few feet across the room. When we moved he came with us.. He took exception to one friend and would chuck cereal boxes from the top of the fridge at his head and freak him out with shadows when he went to the loo. We never mentioned Henry to him until he asked.

When we moved again Henry stayed behind and tormented the family who moved in. I had to laugh when she asked me one day if I had noticed weird things happening in the house.

In this house I have 3 separate entitys.. usually you just see them passing the room you're in but one little pest liked to poke me in the back and other things.. It got really tiresum but ignoring it was the only thing that made it stop. Things go missing and turn up in odd places.. I'd find the iron balanced at an odd angle. We figured out we got more activity when there was upset in the household. When my daughter was assaulted and the many suicide attempts that followed my youngest was really upset about one room I used to sleep in. He wouldn't let me sleep in there and would stop at the door and refuse to go in. A dressing table toppled over when i was alone in the house smashing the floorboards and when I checked it it was sturdy. Anything I hung on the wall in one bedroom would all drop off at the same time in the night.

She's moved out now and we're back to just seeing them pass the room.

At work we all see them .. I remember one incident when I saw out of the corner of my eye somebody enter the room and stand behind me.. when I turned round to ask if I could help there was nobody there. Once I stopped being the new girl and was accepted they stopped being curious and it's died down now.

I'll stop now or ill be here all day grin

PoppadomPreach Tue 22-Oct-13 10:25:07

gamerchick " a naughty thong " - you had haunted pants??

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 10:27:17

Thing.. its this phone man..It likes to make typing as hard as possible grin

BackOnlyBriefly Tue 22-Oct-13 10:37:55

gamerchick if it starts up again you know that people will pay millions or hundreds of millions to see measurable events like heavy furniture moving. You could name your own price. The world has been waiting for proof for thousands of years.

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 10:41:17

That only happened once.. I was bloody annoyed about it.

I'm used to it now but if people wanted to come and have a look I wouldn't charge them for it grin

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 10:45:07

I wish I could share the orb we caught on video at a gathering I had one night.. that was interesting and unexpected for my pals.

noblegiraffe Tue 22-Oct-13 10:49:58

My DS was scared for a long time of our upstairs hallway, would refuse to go up there alone etc.

It turned out, when he finally got enough speech to communicate the issue, that he was scared of the tiny light on the baby monitor in his room, that you could see from the hallway. However, he was fine sleeping in the room with it on!

So no, it doesn't have to be a ghost for your DD to exhibit that behaviour.

technodad Tue 22-Oct-13 15:20:20

Gamer - why can't you share the video with the orb? It is easy to get someone to transfer video into digital media and share on youtube.

You could even play it on TV in the dark and video the TV using mobile phone or PC with webcam. Then upload the video.

It might be the evidence people have been waiting for to prove the existence of ghosts!

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 15:35:03

It was recorded on a pals phone then uploaded to some site which she put on Facebook and there wasn't a share button so I could put it onto mine. Any ideas?

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 15:47:06

Right went back to have a look and have shared not onto my Facebook.. its how to get it off Facebook I'm having trouble with. I'd be happy for you to have a look if I make it public for a short spell and on you the link?

gamerchick Tue 22-Oct-13 15:47:24


doormat Tue 22-Oct-13 16:18:49

as an ex chairperrson of a paranormal investigative society and a debunker..i wish i had a pound for every house invest i and team members were called to because of children seeing things..i would be loaded

children do sense things ..what ppl perceive as ghosts or whatever words phrases you use

only the ppl who go through this will know the fear of unknowing, whether harm will come, the upset and stress it can cause in a household

and these ppl that are mocking ..would you mock if say an accident was averted can imagine you would say a guardian angel was watching over my child..

firstly your child cannot be physically harmed

you have to be very careful as you are aware to limit emotional ..

one house invest we engaged in will be brief but similar thing
children seeing a thing in corner of room, mother dismissed it ..children became frightened, refused to go to sleep, began bed wetting,
mother then seen it, becomes fightened, panic ensues in house, kids reported thing next to mum all the time, kids dont go nrar mum anymore

we did several weeks investigations of this particular invest

our equipment showed a high level of energy coming from corner of living room and in an upstairs bedroom....
2 pyschics were brought in on seperate occasions and told us same thing

there was a disabled child who had lived in house and he spent most of life in his bedroom, he wasnt abused but liked the other children being round, this lil boy attached to the mum because she was nice...
we got plans from housing and interviwed local residents who had been there for quite awhile..
through the plans ..the exact corner in living room where children had seen this thing was where a lift had been to bedroom upstairs..even though it was not noticeable as ceiling had been remodelled when adaption was taken out years before....residents confirmed a young disabled boy had lived the house but had not died there around a decade previously

pyschics asked boy to move protection prevented us from knowing if childvhad passed so we do not know ..but energies come from living aswell

i and my team collated all evidence and sent it to society of paranormal research...we never received a reply..complete waste of time

op if you feel this is something you need tobget rid without your daughters knowledge..try cleansing area and kindly ask it to leave as it isvscaring your child..hold the door open until it leaves..this works in alot of cases..

if it carries on ask for a local prs to investigate

as for the disbelievers and mockers..until you have been in this position you can mock all youlike

i am a believer, i have seen things infront of many witnesses, on my own , have video evidence, photographic evidence , recordings and no not of orbs..but i am mostly scientific and try to debunk everything ..but some things are unexplainable..

i dont know what these things are but they are definitely some kind of energy

myroomisatip Tue 22-Oct-13 16:47:18

I had a very upsetting experience once, completely out of the blue. It was not my imagination because my daughter was present and had the same experience.

I said a prayer for it and asked for angels to guide it and care for it.

It stayed for almost two hours but gradually faded away and never returned.

And this: "as for the disbelievers and mockers..until you have been in this position you can mock all youlike"

doormat Tue 22-Oct-13 16:53:00

myroom can i ask what your experience was plz x

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