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baptism of young adult

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olivia41 Sat 19-Oct-13 18:02:22

Hello, could anyone tell me.... my DS is old enough to make his own responses for his upcoming baptism.... do you HAVE to have sponsors? And if so, how many? Could it be my DS's aunt or granny/can you have a close friend? Also, do they have to be of the same faith? Any advice welcome... thanks! We would have had this sooner, but DH was adamant he should make up his own mind, which is fair enough.

Tuo Sat 19-Oct-13 21:38:52

Hello Olivia. I suspect that the answer to this is going to depend on your denomination, but I can tell you about my DD's experience. She was baptised in the CofE last year at the age of 10 (her decision). She made her own responses, which meant that she didn't need (or have) parents or godparents with her while she did so. She was confirmed at the same service, and she had a sponsor (just one) for that part, who was my closest friend (practically a family member, though not a blood-relative). For the sponsor I did ask and they said that they would prefer someone who was themselves confirmed in the CofE (this was for confirmation rather than baptism, though) but they'd have been prepared to be flexible on that if I couldn't get someone (or I could have been the sponsor, since I'm the only member of our immediate family who meets that particular criterion). They didn't check though, and one of the other sponsors 'fessed up to my DD's sponsor that he was actually a Baptist... I'd have thought that any Christian denomination would be OK, but if you wanted to choose a sponsor of another faith (i.e. non-Christian) you should maybe check with your priest to check they're OK with that.

For all these things, maybe the best way would be to check with your priest/vicar/pastor, but from DD's experience I'd say that in the CofE no sponsor is necessary if your DS is able to make his own promises.

Many congratulations to your DS on making this decision. I hope you have a lovely day.

olivia41 Sat 19-Oct-13 23:07:04

Hi, Tuo.... thanks so much for your extremely helpful reply - and thanks for taking the time to give so much helpful information - good for your DD! I'm sure we will remember the day as being very special... thanks again smile

martinedwards Sun 20-Oct-13 08:12:03

as an Anglican lay reader......

OK, the idea of sponsors for infants id that they are there to make the vows on behalf of the baby, and then (in a nice way) make sure the child lives up to them until they are old enough to do the job themselves.

your 10 year old is old enough in his own (and presumably your priests) eyes to make those vows himself, so no sponsors NEEDED, though it's nice to have someone up there too!

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