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Help with baptisam... Please

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burstingbaboon Thu 26-Sep-13 20:04:48

Hi. I would like to ask for help if it is possible.
I am crying myself to sleep from worries ana sense of guilt which is my heart.
I am not from here ( eu country) and was brought up as a roman catholic . My family was very religious- apart from my late father who would do thing with us and for us ( sacraments. Christmas and etc)
I have 2 dd who are 10 and 9 and they want to be baptised. They are going to rc school and we go to church. Priest wants to baptise them before Christmas but the problem is godmother can't come in time here from my country and my other very good friends are not
I feel as I am carrying the mountain on my shoulder.
Please advice me what can I do!! Please?!?
Thank you do much.

niminypiminy Thu 26-Sep-13 20:41:25

Can you talk to the priest about your worries? I think he may well say that at 9 and 10 they would not need a godmother -- but until he knows how you feel he can't take your feelings into account. Please don't cry yourself to sleep over this. It is wonderful that your DDs want to be baptised and to make this step on their Christian journey.

MrsDibble Thu 26-Sep-13 21:55:04

Why does it have to be before Christmas? They are 10 and 9 so a bit longer won't hurt. There is no urgency as my understanding is that Catholic Church no longer believes in limbo etc.

They may not need a godmother but it sounds to me like you would like your friend to be there.

AMumInScotland Fri 27-Sep-13 11:15:08

I hate to sound unsympathetic, but are there other things winding you up as well, because it doesn't sound like there is much need to cry yourself to sleep over your children deciding to get baptised just because there is a difficulty over the timings.

Assuming that your choice of godmother is a major issue for you (I know in some countries it is a huge big deal to offer/accept the role), then you surely just need to explain that to the priest. He can't 'insist' on baptising them without your involvement, after all. It may be tricky to get a date that suits you all, but that is something to be chatted around rather than cried about.

You should feel happy that your children have decided to embrace your faith, since you obviously allowed them to make their own choice to be baptised when they felt ready. Now they have chosen, God and the church know that. The baptism is an important public statement, but it doesn't have to be rushed - just tell the priest that it is important to you to have the godmother you have chosen for them, so the baptism will only happen when she can be there.

burstingbaboon Fri 27-Sep-13 13:06:27

Hi amuminscotland!
Thank you for your lovely reply.I have spoken to priest and he said I can have a proxy godmother on the day.
As I said yesterday, there was a coffee morning in the churc and one of the ladies that I know she offered herself and I feel so blessed. God works in mysterious ways...

burstingbaboon Fri 27-Sep-13 13:11:48

Today in the morning I spoke to the priest ( yesterday I wrote).
Its in my nature to worrie a lot but this really
Made me very , ver worried and that's why I came on here.
I guess all of as worrie, some people are stronger and some are not. I am one of them who are not very strong. Still thank you.

MaryBS Fri 27-Sep-13 13:34:09

Glad you got sorted. I worry a lot too. Enjoy your children's baptisms smile

burstingbaboon Fri 27-Sep-13 16:29:39

Thank you so much. It's not good to woory a lot but
I try to work on that and it's hard.
Thank you all for a lovely respond.

sashh Mon 30-Sep-13 10:23:46

I ewas about to suggest a proxy, my godmother was 12 000 miles away when I was baptised.

ReallyTired Mon 30-Sep-13 10:32:18

I am surprised that a nine and ten year old need godparents since children can take first communion at seven years old. In the church of england children who are older than seven have sponsors rather than god parents as they are old enough to make their own decisions.

I am glad that you have found a solution and I hope you and your family have a lovely day.

AdmiralData Sat 12-Oct-13 22:21:29

You could ask people at your church to be Godparents/Sponsors for your children. I had to have the church wardens as my sponsors smile HTH.

1944girl Fri 18-Oct-13 01:21:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Brokensoul Sun 08-Dec-13 21:47:51

Good evening everyone. Just wanted to thank everyone who gave me lovely advices.
My two DDs were baptised today and it was such a lovely , sacred gathering. There were another two families and everything went nice and smooth.
Thank you. smile

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