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Thoughts on "grandma chandra"...........

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givemeaboost Fri 13-Sep-13 14:12:48

Just discovered they will be in my hometown tomorrow, am utterly shocked and appalled to be honest. I work with vulnerable adults and feel this is nothing but exploitation. What does everyone else think?

RationalThought Fri 13-Sep-13 21:55:02

From what I can see it is the usual type of scam to take money off the desperate and the gullible.

SiddahLee Wed 05-Mar-14 01:10:54

You can call me gullible, if you like, but, I would like to report on here a factual case involving the mother who appears to be in charge of handling orders you can place through their web site. I decided to try two of the essential oils they sell, and have to say I was peeved when I saw they charged an 8$ shipping fee for a one ounce product by weight. When I was clicking out of Paypal to pay for them I saw the shipping address for me show up as an old address. I tried to click on the correct link to change that and suddenly the order went through leaving me no alternative but to contact Cat, the mother, by email and by voicemail , as those are the two ways they have listed for contact. I left 3 emails with the specific order information and a voice message regarding the incorrect shipping address and two days later I was contacted by Cat letting me know that because Chandra was sick with a seizure , Cat wasn't able to communicate the message to her husband who is responsible for shipping items out. She included in her message to me that Chandra comes first and the item was shipped to the old address. My feeling is of course she does, however you clearly need to manage your business end better if its that disconnected. I had to open a case on Paypal, to which she then immediately responded very kindly by email, including the option for me to let her know if I wanted to have the items refunded. Since that was easiest I asked her to do so, now, hours later, she sent me a simple message without the sappy sorry language she had sent earlier and said she'll refund me tomorrow ? Excuse me ? I've had to wait to get any resolution on this and now I'm supposed to wait again. I have a really bad feeling about her ethics myself. I'm totally sympathetic to any mother who has a disabled child, but that's not a cover for not doing the right thing for a customer who went out of their way to contact you.
I don't know for sure if the whole thing is a fraud, but can say this woman doesn't know how to deal with the public very well. This experience is leaving me in more disbelief.

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