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Quaker parents

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SpecialCircumstances Wed 21-Aug-13 17:48:01

I'm wondering if there are any Quaker parents about? I'm an attender at my local meeting and have been for the last 5 years. I'm the only Quaker in my family and although the meeting is lovely everyone else is a life long Friend and I'm the only one with a young family.

So I was after some advice from other Quakers, how does being a Quaker effect your family and how you live? I love meetings and have found a real sense of peace and direction there and I'm wondering how to bring that into my family? I have one ds aged 16 months.

BlodynBach Sat 01-Mar-14 21:21:17

Hello SpecialCircumstances
I have been attending my local Quaker meeting for about 2 years. I've just seen your post & I realise that it was along time ago but I'm hoping that you might see this reply. My son (8 yrs) is the only child in our meeting but he is treated as an equal in his own right. We've been on a Being a Quaker parent course at Woodbrooke study centre, Birmingham, and it was very refreshing / affirming to be with other Quaker families.

Have a look at this blog by Craig Barnet, who was one of the facitilatators at Woodbrooke:

I try & uphold the testimonies ( and they are really relevant to parenting.
In practice, at bedtime we choose to think of 3 nice things that have happened to us that day. I've tried unsuccessfully introducing 5 minutes of quiet time.... I struggle when the values of some of the institutions around us do not match those which underpin the testimonies e.g. some some aspects of school culture, peers, electronic media, genderised toys etc.

Please excuse all the links but I'm concious that people with no knowledge of Quakers may read this post & may like to know more.

SpecialCircumstances Sat 08-Mar-14 13:08:24

I've just seen your reply- thankyou!
I'd love to go on the woodbrooke course, it looks fab!
Ds is now nearly 2 and I've barely been to meeting recently, thinking of checking what age he could go to 1st day school or possibly looking for a church with an active childrens group but its hard to find a liberal church near me with an active children's program. what age did your son start coming to meeting?

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