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Muslim wedding - help please.

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crescentmoon Mon 19-Aug-13 16:17:24

assume you can bring your children, trouser suit fine or as welshcake said, if its different 'rooms' segregated be prepared that you might not see your DH till the end! but it might be half the room men and half the room women type segregation, and you could just seat yourselves somewhere in the middle on the room.

most muslim weddings will start very late, so dont get there on the dot else you'll be sitting around and 2 hours later the room might still not be half full! children very welcome at most weddings. how long the wedding lasts depends on the culture of wedding couple - and in most muslim cultures, the bride and groom expect that many guests will come who they wont necessarily know. sometimes its a colleague/friend/acquaintance of the parents, sometimes it might just be the neighbour/cousin/visitor of one of the invited guests coming along for the food and party!

as for 'no boxed gifts please' heres an explanation...

giving a card and money is more typical but as most muslim cultures are guess cultures they will not ask outright instead hint it by saying 'no boxed gifts please'. or 'we are moving house so we kindly request no boxed gifts'. but you could give a gift and put it in a gift bag instead of a box! hope that helps, and that you have a good time OP!

BikeRunSki Sun 18-Aug-13 19:39:36

I second what Welshcake said. Be prepared not to see your DH while you are there, men and women are segregated. I have two.Muslim weddings. At one I was treated as! honourary man. Shame, the women were having much more fun!

Welshcake77 Sun 18-Aug-13 19:35:19

My husband is muslim and in my experience Muslim weddings can be very different depending on which country the couple is from. But as the invite mentions segregation I would assume the following:

1. Trouser suit would be ok but I would wear an occasion type top underneath not just a plain top. Otherwise a dress would be fine too (I just wouldn't go for a low cut one).

2. Maybe til 9/10pm.

3. IME it's normal to take children with you

4. Card and cash would be fine

It might be helpful for you to also know that you won't see the actual marriage ceremony as this is usually done in private. HTH and have a lovely time!

sittinginthesun Sun 18-Aug-13 17:22:16

DH and I have just received an invite to a Muslim wedding in a couple of weeks time. Don't know either the bride or groom, but have been invited by the groom's father who we know to chat to.

It's in a hotel, invite says please respect segregation. We're really looking forward to it, but I haven't got a clue about:

1.what to wear? Would a trouser suit be okay?

2. It's an afternoon - how long will it last?

3. No mention of the children - we will ask, but is it usual to take them or not? No problem either way, but I'll either need to sort out childcare or find them something to wear too...

4. It says no boxed presents. Would a card and cash be acceptable?


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