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Does 'the universe' really hear us?

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HHH3 Sat 03-Aug-13 22:54:06

Something I read recently has been playing on my mind. It was along the lines of...

Be careful what you wish for because the universe will hear and it may not deliver in the way you were thinking.

What are your thoughts?

Rummikub Sun 04-Aug-13 01:15:01

Yeah, someone said that to me (that the universe has a perverse sense of humour) and it gave me the fear! Prior to that I had been viewing the universe as benevolent. Now I think that it'll all come good in the end.

tigerdriverII Sun 04-Aug-13 01:21:12

I've heard a lot of the universe (whatever that is supposed to mean) being full of abundance, and if you treat it right it will treat you right (eg send you an unexpected cheque). I don't really know what all that is about.

Rummikub Sun 04-Aug-13 01:27:25

Ah I like that idea, that if you give then good things happen. I'm answering unanswered threads right now so maybe that could be my good deed! I also like and do when possible random acts of kindness. Others have done that for me in the past, really simple things like paying my fair on the bus!

specialsubject Sun 04-Aug-13 10:42:52

nonsense. The universe is mostly empty.

you are one tiny little clump of atoms on one tiny planet in one corner of one galaxy. You have no effect on the laws of physics at all.

doesn't mean that you shouldn't do nice things without expectation of reward. We should all do that.

YoniBottsBumgina Sun 04-Aug-13 10:54:11

My mum believes in all of this. It's supposed to be that if you're focusing on negative things all the time (I'm so lonely, I never meet anybody, I'm so skint, etc etc) then it attracts more of that negative stuff whereas repeating an affirmation in your head instead (Money flows freely to me, I am financially secure, I am an attractive and worthwhile person, etc etc) to counter these negative thoughts then it's supposed to attract the good stuff to you. But you have to use the affirmation as though it is already true, because thinking "I want a bigger house, I want my children to stop being so rude, I want a better job" then the universe will keep you wanting.

It's an interesting way of looking at the idea of positive thinking, but just be careful you don't get too caught up in it. I used to get really anxious because I would imagine horrible things happening to me or DS and then worry that because I had thought it, I was making it more likely to happen and I would lie awake whispering "I am safe, we are safe, we are ALL safe, the house is safe." in order to "protect" us from the bad thoughts. One day I realised that it doesn't matter. Most people who have house fires or, god forbid, horrible accidents happen to their DC haven't thought about it at all, and lots of people who worry about it constantly are fine. So it probably has no effect at all. I do still do the "We are safe" thing but I only do it once now. I don't repeat it inside my head for hours. It's just, we are safe. We have a smoke alarm, I have my phone, I know the escape routes. Everything is fine. And that's it.

I do think the positive thinking about money etc seems to work because it works for me! But perhaps it's just that when you're focusing on attracting money you notice every unexpected bonus that comes your way whereas normally you'd take it for granted.

CosmicG Sun 04-Aug-13 12:08:51

Be careful what you wish for cos you just might get it! yes, when you think about something you want to happen in your life, its good to be as SPECIFIC as you can about the thing that you really want. The more specific you are, the more chance your wish is fulfilled as you would really want it- i think, the more things you leave unsaid or have not even thought about then you could end up with the thing you wanted but will not necessarily be happy bcos there were things you failed to think about or mention in your wish. Its also important to focus on adjectives rather than nouns when you wish for something. So, try to really assume the feeling of you already having what you are wishing for. There is alot more to this whole thing about the universe responding to your thoughts- my advice is if it interests you, to further research this concept. There is a whole art to actually having your wishes fulfilled and its not that easy. It's not as simple as just thinking something and it coming true!

amigababy Sun 04-Aug-13 12:16:57

for me it works when I feel something rather than have a logical thought about it. Just thinking is too detached and clinical, but when I seriously feel and experience something it often turns out to be so. even if quite a bit of time has elapsed since.

myroomisatip Mon 05-Aug-13 04:44:46

OP You might find this interesting: and also,

The first video is over 3 hours long but the second just about an hour so get a brew and put your feet up. smile

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