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Are there any CofE ministers on MN that could give me their perspective on this...

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singmelullabies Thu 01-Aug-13 23:33:35

DS is probably going to be christened in DH's home parish, but my grandparents, who are elderly and unwell, would not be able to travel. I would love it if we could also have a family celebration at my grandparents' house and have DS blessed within this celebration (haven't actually suggested this to DH yet!)

However . . . my family are RC, but DS is being christened in the CofE. This isn't an issue for anyone, but it means that my grandparents' parish priest would be probably not be willing/allowed to perform a blessing on a baby that was not baptised RC. But then if I ask the CofE minister in their parish, then he/she is not going to know who my grandparents are, as they obviously attend the RC church. However, my auntie does attend the CofE church, so that could possibly be a slight link.

Does anyone know what a CofE minister would think of a request like this?
Thank you.

MrsFrederickWentworth Thu 01-Aug-13 23:55:43

Most cofe ministers are delighted to baptize a baby, although some want a promise if attendance at some church, pref their church, later. Not sure about a blessing, and not a cofe minister, but Ds was christened at DM's parish church, where we had got married..c of e.

About 8 weeks later I turned up with him at a friend's clothing in the monastery she,was joining, and he was blessed by the abbot/ bishop who was doing her service.

Afair baptism is accepted both sides, so are blessings, though it will depend on your priest and minister a bit. There are some round here I would go to and some u wouldn't. Is there a nice Rc one in your Gps parish

HolofernesesHead Sat 03-Aug-13 08:16:16

The RC priest would bs able to bless your DS, I'm sure. Your DS's baptism would be regarded as valid by the RC priest. I'd phone and talk to him, explain the situation and take it from there.

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