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Lammas 2013 - anyone have plans?

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Earthymama Mon 19-Aug-13 10:16:08

DP and I usually celebrate together at home.

Ritual Circle, nice food, thinking of how to make positive changes.

This year a friend joined us as we had been on a workshop earlier in the year and realised our Paths have much in common. It was very interesting to feel the change in dynamics.

I really enjoyed it, though we will celebrate the Harvest Moon on Wednesday just the two us again.

I can't wait for Samhain, going to Spiral Dance in San Francisco. grinsmile

marissab Thu 01-Aug-13 18:15:32

I took my eldest to a corn maze today and we talked about how today is the 1st harvest day of the old english traditions. I will be drinking the tiny bit of honey liquor i have left tonight with a piece of courgette cake. My own harvest from our garden grin

Flobbadobs Wed 31-Jul-13 19:13:51

I'm waiting for the IL's to start the first harvest before I do anything, should be this weekend if the weather improves. Am not doing anything formal, a loaf to share and my FIL will put aside a handful of the first cut for me.

EatingAllTheCrumpets Wed 31-Jul-13 13:27:17

Nice to know there's someone else out there grin

I've not yet seen a harvested field yet, but I suspect it wont be long!

Waes Hail

EatingAllTheCrumpets Wed 31-Jul-13 13:19:58

Nice to know there's some

worldgonecrazy Wed 31-Jul-13 13:19:17

No formal plans this year. We will probably raise a toast to John Barleycorn at some point over the coming days. I haven't seen my first harvested wheat field yet - when I do, I know Lammas is here.

Waes Hail!

EatingAllTheCrumpets Tue 30-Jul-13 15:48:29

My first Heathen Lammas this year. Very excited as harvest festivals seem to resonate deeply with me. Will be making a loaf of bread for "sacrifice" and one to eat.

So as I'm the only Heathen I know... In fact only pagan I know, I'd love to hear how you celebrate Lammas, if you do grin

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