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Renewing vows and church of England question, help!

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IrisWildthyme Thu 01-Aug-13 06:52:47

Talk to your minister - there is an existing service for the blessing of a marriage which has already taken place elsewhere, which incorporates most of the wedding service.

The CofE is more restricted than other denominations in terms of how much they can vary set services - the ministers have to promise not to mess with the liturgy so you can't just make up your own service if the standard one doesn't suit you (though you can make minor substitutions and variations). Nonconformist churches are more free to do this sort of thing.

MonsterBookOfTyRexs Tue 30-Jul-13 10:46:42

Dh and I got married at a registry office in Jan 2009.
We had a small wedding with no after party.
I have been going to church regularly for 18 months and really want some religious aspect to our marriage.
I have started to get into contact with a lot of family as well so it would be nice to have them at a ceremony.
I go to a church of England church.
What sort of renewal of vows ceremony could I have? I have looked into it and its rather confusing.

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