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New beginnings: a Christian prayer thread for summer

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Tuo Sat 13-Jul-13 23:22:55

I have called this thread 'new beginnings', as it felt appropriate to lots of us at the moment, in a whole series of ways.

Since I started our last thread, back in April, we have welcomed Abigail Faith, daughter of HadALittleFaithBaby, and Hannah Faith, daughter of RoomForALittleOne. We thank God for their safe arrival and pray that He will watch over them and surround them with His love as they grow.

We pray for Kaykat and for CharlotteCollinsismovingon as they deal with the breakdown of their marriages. We pray not only for Kay, but also for her friend who has been providing her with excellent support and legal advice, for a clear way forward and a swift resolution. We pray for a clear and positive way forward also for Charlotte, and for her children to cope with this change in their lives with understanding and resilience.

We pray for PositiveAttitude as she settles back into life in the UK, and prepares for a period away from her DH and DD4. We pray, in particular, for her DD1, that she find a job in which she will feel supported and which will help her to feel happier and better able to cope with life. We also pray for happiness for PA's DD3, who has just got married, and for her DS in his new job. Finally we pray for the work of her DH in Cambodia, praying that the separation is bearable and that he continues to be able to make a real difference to people's lives over there.

We pray for BlueTinkerbell as she moves to a new home, looks for work, and continues to explore her vocation. May this move be a really positive new beginning for Blue and her family.

Likewise, we pray for niminypiminy who will begin ordination training in September.

And we pray for my church and diocese in the aftermath of some major structural changes. This is a new beginning that was imposed rather than chosen, but may it bring positive developments nonetheless.

We pray also for:

... amberlight, for her work raising awareness of autism in churches, and for this work to be welcomed and valued, rather than greeted with incomprehension, far less hostility;

... BlackEyedSusan, for all the many things which she has to juggle in her life as a single parent; in particular, we pray for her mum's health, for peaceful and restorative holidays, for order in her flat and with her paperwork, and for her DC; we pray especially that they both receive the support that they need from their school;

... BoxOfDelights, for her to receive a clear diagnosis and suitable treatment for her eye problem very soon;

... Don'tsteponthemomeraths, that her DS is able to access the support he needs and is valued and nurtured at school; for better support also for her DD; for better relationships at work; and for her nephew, who has suffered a burst appendix;

... DutchOma and Bob, for health for Bob and for good support (moral and practical) for Oma as she cares for him day by day; and for the ability to rest and breathe easily in this heat;

...JakeBullet as she deals with her uncle's ill-health and decision to move back to his native Switzerland. May he be well cared-for and peaceful there, and may Jake not miss him too much;

... MadHairDay, for health as she lives with chronic illness, and for strength as she mourns the death of a friend; we remember also MHD's friend and all who knew and loved her at this time;

We also pray for friends who haven't been around for a while... for Badvoc, for Gingercurl and her thesis, for Jan and her DD, for MaryBS, and for all those who lurk, for occasional visitors, and for those known to us who are in need of prayer, whether mentioned here or not.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

Tuo Sat 13-Jul-13 23:26:09

Bother, I knew I'd leave someone out... blush. Praying also for JugglingFromHereToThere.

PositiveAttitude Sun 14-Jul-13 05:45:07

Thank you tuo. A brilliant start to the new thread.

Bluetinkerbell Sun 14-Jul-13 09:07:30

Super start smile
Thank you!
Lord hear our prayers

Bookmarking on this sunny morning.

Nephew has been discharged yesterday. Thank you for the prayers, I didn't post all the updates I had but it was a miracle that he recovered so well. The surgeon said it was the worst case of a burst appendix he'd seen in ten years shock He's now recuperating at home.

You'll probably be surprised to hear this but lovely mans court case is still dragging on slowly. Over a year now. Foreign court systems are shocking.

Dutchoma Sun 14-Jul-13 09:55:23

Thank you TUO, very much.

KeepTheFaithBaby Sun 14-Jul-13 10:45:16

Thanks Tuo.

Mome that's great news, glad he's on the road to recovery smile
Sorry to hear lovely man's court case is still ongoing. Praying for positive resolution soon.

I am feeling better in terms of pain but its still niggling. GP is referring me back to the specialist so hopefully I can get it put right for good. Still really struggling with church. I said to DH I want to want to go, but I don't (if that naked sense). We just don't feel like part of the church any more. We are going to try a smaller church closer to home next week I think. It's making me quite sad if I'm honest. Prayers about the way forward still appreciated.

Holding you all in my prayers.

Lol at the typo.

I'm sitting in church listening to a talk that's not inspiring me at all. More applicable to a teen I think. I often think of changing church, as I'm now on the outskirts of it really and feel isolated but I've been here for years and everyone knows me and understands my DS's needs.

I'll pray for you faith and wisdom about the way forward x

Dutchoma Sun 14-Jul-13 11:37:27

Yes, I think sense is always naked at its best. Praying for both your church situations. I am very much in the same boat, not being aboe to go very often and then, when I do go not feeling it very inspiring. I was listening on line this morning and then bailed out as the 'happy day' chorus came on.

KeepTheFaithBaby Sun 14-Jul-13 13:02:56

What a typo! Almost as good when I text my Mum to say I was going for a nice neck with my then BF rather than a meal!

I know there's an element of 'you get out what you put in' with church but we're in a vicious cycle...maybe a fresh start will help.

madhairday Sun 14-Jul-13 15:23:10

Thankyou so much for this new thread TUO and your keeping up with us all, you are such a superstar. Lovely to read and pray through your prayers and echo them with my own. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

All fairly good here, with health being good and work going fairly well though slowly still. We're planning a holiday club next week so working on that atm and also I am writing a seminar for NW. Prayers for that would be appreciated <wibbles>

BlackeyedSusan Sun 14-Jul-13 19:27:48

thankyou. I have been washing up for hours! and cooking roast in this heat. I am at least stopping things getting worse again now, after a week of appointments that have left things in a mess.

Dutchoma Sun 14-Jul-13 19:58:32

Thank you TUO for putting BoxofDelights on the prayer list. She has been in hospital for a few days and they now think it is not an infection at all but may be some sort of neurological condition. She will be staying with a friend for next week, has a few appointments, but is still in a lot of paim. There is a job interview at the end of next week, let's pray that she will be able to attend and get the job.

CharlotteCollinsismovingon Sun 14-Jul-13 21:04:55

thanks Tuo for a fantastic OP for the new thread. My prayers for others are often little more than "bringing this before you... and this... and this..." so I really value being able to pray through yours!

Lovely day today at the annual church BBQ. Great to catch up with people I've not spoken to for months, maybe since this time last year! And meet a few members I've not spoken to before. I usually feel right on the periphery of the church, not being able to attend house groups and never having got the hang of chatting over coffee, so it was good to feel a part of things today.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 14-Jul-13 22:18:51

yay charlotte. smile

BlackeyedSusan Mon 15-Jul-13 12:16:23

still praying kay.

RoomForALittleOne Mon 15-Jul-13 21:00:55

Marking place. Life is very busy so I may be lurking more than posting for a while.

Dutchoma Mon 15-Jul-13 21:24:13

Lurk away Room

amberlight Tue 16-Jul-13 09:05:54

Praying through...

madhairday Tue 16-Jul-13 17:23:04

Just in tears for dd. She's on her way to a residential week in wales and texted me very hurt and upset, copying me in on some texts another girl at school had sent her - horrible stuff - I hate you and she hates you and we don't want you near us and never talk to us again - that sort of stuff - so now she's crying and not coming home and I just feel helpless. Why are girls of this age so vile? Thankfully the girl concerned is not on the trip. Please pray she has a lovely time and is able to put this behind her

Tuo Tue 16-Jul-13 18:48:56

Oh MHD... sad I am so sorry that your lovely DD is having to go through this. I am glad that the girl concerned is not going on the trip, and I pray that your DD has a wonderful time, surrounded by nice people and laughter and happiness. The sad thing is (and this is from personal experience) that otherwise perfectly nice children are so afraid of becoming targets for bullies themselves that they will go along with the bullies in order not to stand out. So I hope that, with this girl not there, the others will rally round your DD and ensure that she's OK.

I'm glad that your DD is able to share with you: it's very hard for you to witness it, of course, but better than her feeling she has to cope with it all on her own.

Would your DD agree to telling the school what is going on? Are they good at dealing with bullying? In the meantime, can she block this girl's number so that she can't text her any more.

Thinking of you and of your DD and praying for much joy and love and friendship in her life.

BlackeyedSusan Tue 16-Jul-13 20:51:34

take them to show the school?

poor dd. prayers.

PositiveAttitude Tue 16-Jul-13 21:07:11

MHD that is so hard on DD and on you being away from her while she is upset. I pray that she has a fantastic time and really gels with some nice girls on her trip and comes home full of confidence and not worried about this other girl. In my experience these trips away are wonderful for making some really good strong new friendships.

I have had a bit of a shock today. Need to get my head around it, but hopefully can come and share a bit tomorrow in confidence. wink

Dutchoma Tue 16-Jul-13 21:14:22

MHD that is really hard on your dd. Praying, with the others that she will havea good time. Don't know what I would do about telling the school, I think you will probably have to, but only after you have discussed it with dd when she is back
PA hope the shock was not nasty, praying meanwhile until you can say a bit more.
Bob was not very well this morning so I didn't dare leave him and go to my carers' day at the hospice. The GP came and could not really find anything wrong, but we have the home oxygen nurse coming on Friday

RoomForALittleOne Tue 16-Jul-13 21:41:34

De-lurking to say that I'm praying for MHD and her DD, PA and DO. Now to bed...

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