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Repeated dreams about being pregnant (I am not)

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HopHopHoppitySplash Sun 07-Jul-13 12:43:10

I'm a lone parent to a 9 month old, but for the past few weeks have been having repeated dreams about being pregnant, other people looking after DD and having a 'new' baby and not being able to see DD, (eg last nights one was on a boat and in a room with lots of women with new babies, DD was asleep and someone called in 2 male staff to get the older children ready for bed and I wasn't allowed to get her ready because I was told I had to hold my 'new' baby - but didn't want to)

It's the same theme each night and I don't normally remember dreams, I just don't understand why the same thing keeps repeating. (there is no physical way of me being pregnant now or any time soon, DD is in bad separation anxiety stage and has always been pretty clingy anyway)

Does anyone have any ideas to explain/stop them?

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 08-Jul-13 13:47:55

I'd say that was simply a dream about the stress of juggling different responsibilities. Responsibilities that are getting in the way of you fully enjoying your DD. If I was to pick one specifically I would say it's the separation anxiety that is the 'new baby' here. You're currently highly restricted (I'm guessing) holding this 'new' version of DD and she's a much more demanding, difficult creature than you'd bargained for. You'd far rather be with the nice old version of your DD but she's currently a little out of reach.

How to stop the dreams? Tell clingy DD that you love her lots even though she's being a PITA... smile

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