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Any Catholics out there who know why ...

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earlgrey Sat 03-Jun-06 21:20:08

Message withdrawn

scienceteacher Sat 03-Jun-06 21:22:19

Not a Catholic, but I would say it has to do with Pentecost...

DumbledoresGirl Sat 03-Jun-06 21:22:46

Darn! I came on here, all ready to give my wisdom on all things Catholic, and you know, I haven't got a clue!

It is Whitsun soon isn't it?

Gillian76 Sat 03-Jun-06 21:24:11

Oh yes Holy Spirit colours

Rhubarb Sat 03-Jun-06 21:24:23

From the Catholic Encyclopaedia: "The colour of the vestments is red, symbolic of the love of the Holy Ghost or of the tongues of fire." 'Tis Whitsun week.

DumbledoresGirl Sat 03-Jun-06 21:25:12

Phew! I did have a clue after all!

scienceteacher Sat 03-Jun-06 21:25:29

Pentecost, is of course, the coming of the Holy Spirit by fire which touched the heads of each new Christian. The liturgical colours represent the tongues of fire.

earlgrey Sat 03-Jun-06 21:27:14

Message withdrawn

DumbledoresGirl Sat 03-Jun-06 21:32:24

Would it be to make the display appear more flame like?

Rhubarb Sat 03-Jun-06 21:36:00

Our priest used to set himself on fire all the time! Wasn't to do with Whitsun though, he was just a clumsy doddery git! Made the masses more interesting though!

scienceteacher Sat 03-Jun-06 21:54:29

I don't think a flower display has to be strictly liturgical colours - red, yellow and orange represent the flames very nicely though - much more so than just red.

earlgrey Sun 04-Jun-06 23:09:03

Message withdrawn

mosschops30 Sun 04-Jun-06 23:25:25

Message withdrawn

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