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Does anyone have children/child in Christian school?

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NeedlesCuties Sun 26-May-13 22:14:30

Just what the thread title asks really.

Does anyone have any experience of having a child in a Christian school? I mean a school which is independent from the state system, and run by a church denomination, not a state C of E type school.

I'm thinking of sending my child to a Christian nursery, which is attached to a Christian school which goes right up to A-level stage.

Going next week to meet the headmaster, but am curious to hear from others first.

We're heavily involved in our own church (it's a Presbyterian) and myself and my husband are devoted Christians. Sending children to Independent Christian schools isn't really the 'done' thing where we live and we've had a few raised eyebrows!

My children went to a C of E (Aided) Pimary School and one of mine is at a school with a Christian foundation where you need to be on the electoral roll of a C of E Church since Moses was in short trousers to get in, but the school you are talking about is different as it is outside of the mainstream.

I would check the curriculum and faith statement quite carefully. See what ofsed has to say and talk to some of the children. Talk to some of the mummies as well - what is the word on the street about this place? It may be wrong or out of date but ask anyway! Good schools have a purposeful 'hum' about them which is noticeable even if you don't know what it is you are noticing. It is worth going to a few open days just to get your ear in tune.

It is a long way off but ask which universities the A level students go to. If they go onto Russell Group universities then that is a tick in the box. If they go onto Independent Bible colleges then be a bit more cautious.

Good luck!

NeedlesCuties Mon 27-May-13 14:37:59

Thanks for advice.

I only know one child who is currently at the school - my DH is friends with her mum. Good reports from her.

Have been through their statement of faith carefully and seen their GCSE and A-level results for the past few years. All to my liking grin

Interesting about your last statement, though it's hard to picture my little 3 year old as an 18 year old heading to uni! Will bear that in mind. There's a long tradition of DH's family going to a certain Russell Group uni, so chances are my kids will want to go there too.

Anthracite Tue 28-May-13 06:58:42

My DD is at an independent Catholic school. We are practising evangelical Anglicans. We haven't come across anything contrary to our faith at the school. The catholic ethos is all about being kind to one another.

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